Eat Happy

Feel good about food in 2020!

Enjoy feeling balanced around food, and feel good about yourself with these compact and fun workshops

Eat Happy Workshops

Step out of the restrict and binge cycle. Learn how to find a happy balance with food, without deprivation or compulsive eating.

Enjoy a relaxed group session and find clarity for your year ahead. Feel confident in the goals you set, and how you’ll achieve them. With guidance, enjoy visualizing your ideal future with creative exercises and planning tools!

Eat Happy Group Drop in

A weekly drop in group held in Carmarthen, West Wales. A friendly, non-diet approach to finding balance with food. Come and find new ways to feel good about yourself, and how you eat with the Eat Happy Method.

Upcoming Workshops, Talks, and Groups

What Eat Happy clients say

I have come to understand my relationship with food and know how to feel good about eating again. Highly recommend working with Rebecca.

Jane M

I can now choose what I want to eat by using some of the new skills I've learned, and I've not eaten in a bingey way since! Really excited that this is the way forwards for me. No more diets, just a better relationship with food.

Emma V