Hi everyone – I’m opening up a free group coaching in July 2019 for any of us that want to find weight balance (whatever that personally means to you).

This will be run on Facebook only. However – there may be a paid element if any of you want to also have an in-person group coaching experience in Carmarthen. Details to be released soon.

I’ve just created a waitlist for the virtual programme, and if you’re interested, please sign up.

It will include a weekly coaching call in the group, and it will be held in a closed Facebook Group only for participants who wish to join in.

It is open to anyone whether they have been on one of my previous courses or not. It will build on all the foundational elements I teach in the Eat Happy Course, but with extra tailored topics to do with finding weight balance specifically. For the majority, this will be about weight loss.

However – this is really a trial group, hence why it’s free. As my work is usually about finding peace with food and weight loss, gain, or balance isn’t at the forefront of that.

But people to come to me wanting to lose weight, and I don’t want to turn them away anymore. So I am now aiming towards two strands for Eat Happy – finding peace with food // finding weight balance. However, EVERY ONE would need to learn everything in the finding peace strand of my work!


Join the waitlist now – details to be emailed to you closer to the date (JULY 2019)