The Eat Happy Talk

Forget about dieting! It’s not getting you anywhere, and it’s making you miserable!

There’s a better way – and it’s all about mastering the Eat Happy Mindset. This is where you drop external rules, and turn inwards, to you-  the only person who knows how you feel, what you’re thinking and what you want. Eat Happy means no guilt, no punishment and no calorie counting. You eat from a place of self-trust and balance.

This talk gets you really thinking about some of your habits, behaviours and heck – even beliefs about food. I’ll challenge you to take a leap of faith, and try the Eat Happy Way!




The Eat Happy Workshop

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of your eating!

We’ll look in detail at the Eat Happy Way. Your background, habits, environment, mindset, and food choices all affect how you eat, and how you feel afterwards. The best thing about the Eat Happy Way is there are no rules! If that scares you, then maybe it’s time to take a leap into something new – as dieting does not work. By looking at Choice and Freedom you will feel so much better with how you eat and how you think about yourself and about food.

The workshop includes many different exercises, thought provoking ideas, and self-work to get you to Eat Happy!




Raising Healthy Eaters

Come and share your thoughts with me, in this talk about kids and food!

We’ll discuss raising kids with a great attitude to food and eating. We’ll look at your background and beliefs, how kids connect to food, why it’s NOT about the food itself and how you can shape aspects outside of the kitchen to help kids along. And of course, there are lots of practical tips on how to get kids to try new flavours, eat with gusto, stop when they are full and understanding the trap of treats!





Living Low Sugar

The only aspect of eating I ever look at is – Sugar!

Knowledge is power my friend, and if you want to be able to choose with conviction when you shop, then you need to know about sugar. Forget diets and calories and get with the easy tools I share with you in this talk. You’ll be able to carry around simple and easy concepts as you shop.  You’ll be informed about ingredient lists, all forms of sugar, how it affects your body and how to choose differently.

This talk has changed people’s lives. Small differences here and there have transformed how people eat – and how they feel. Sugar is the one part of our diet that can truly impact our moods, so let’s get that turned around – get you feeling balanced and happy so you can live your best life. Oh, and don’t worry – there are no rules or calorie counting here. You are free to choose whatever you want to eat in your life, but now you’ll have the power of knowledge to support you every time!