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Quit Dieting for Good – The Three Day Plan


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Not so long ago, I’d start every day with the promise that I would eat better that day. I vowed not to overeat and to eat sensibly. But I just couldn’t do it. The food tasted so good, that I just had to have seconds – or thirds. I really felt like I was just hopeless. Why couldn’t I do something as simple as stick to my plan?


Then I discovered something amazing – it changed my way of eating, the way I felt about myself, and how I ate. I now call what I learned The Eat Happy Method. It’s what I did to get out of that horrible dieting trap. I love eating all the foods I want, whenever I want them, but I never compromise my health.

How is this possible? I realized that the secret to eating happy was in my mindset.


Quit Dieting For Good reveals the steps I took to eat in the best way I’ve ever eaten, and feel the best I’ve ever felt.


The plan is a 52 page guide on The Eat Happy Method, and it will show you how to put all your dieting rules in the bin once and for all.

It shares 3 main skills that will guide you to develop The Eat Happy Mindset.


Quit Dieting Plan


With this mindset, you’ll be able to eat in the most balanced way ever! You’ll be able to eat at restaurants, travel to different countries, eat at dinner parties and navigate all the food aisles and menus wherever you go – without having to memorise rules and regulations of whichever plan you’re on.

The three skills will take place over three days. You’ll have written exercises to follow, and daily check in’s to perform each day.

You’ll need a pen and paper and be prepared to actually follow through on the exercises in the guide


From the Eat Happy Tribe who have learned the Method:



I can’t believe the difference it’s made already! An open pack of hobnobs in the cupboard, and, you know what, I paused and decided I didn’t want one!! I am so impressed & will be booking 1-2-1 sessions next month!!

Emma Salt


I had a really positive week last week, felt comfortable eating all foods and accepting I have the choice and can be comfortable with that! I have increased self-awareness and self-confidence!

Alison Cox:


After working with the Method, I have not looked back. Rebecca has taught me valuable lessons that have changed my outlook not just on food but on life in general.

Kathryn Devonald Davies




Quit Dieting For Good is an eBook which will be delivered straight to your inbox.

It’s a PDF format which means you can read it on all your devices.

You’ll have access to it forever

You’ll need to pop in your card details and personal details and the plan will fly it’s way to your inbox!


For the price of a large coffee, you can transform your relationship with food, and feel amazing about how you eat; confident for the first time that you have your eating in a happy balance!


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