Meditation Starter Kit


A 27 Page Meditation Kit for you to get started meditating and being mindful.

This is the Eat Happy Meditation Kit so you will learn how mindfulness can support you in healing a unhappy relationship with food.


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Easy beginners guide to mindfulness and meditation.

In this kit:

Learn how to prepare for meditation for your best success.

Discover the easiest way to get meditating with three different meditation and mindfulness practices that you can do today!

Mindful Breathing, Affirmations and Mindful Eating are all explained clearly so that you can tune out that negative voice and connect to every day and feel brighter and more positive.

Find out when are good times to be mindful, and when it’s good to let go. You’ll also find out how you can be mindful everyday in a relaxed way!


This is a downloadable item and will be delivered to your inbox in PDF format.

This is a copyrighted product. You will not be allowed to sell this plan, or any part of the plan, or replicate or share in any way.



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