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Find a Happy Balance with Food – Masterclass



Do you think any of these things?:

“I’m exhausted thinking about food all the time”

“Why is eating so hard for me?”

“Why can’t I just eat ‘normally’?”

“I’m going to eat better tomorrow!”


Does it feel that despite your best efforts, you keep falling off track with your eating and feel like you have to start again on Monday?

In this workshop I will guide you through looking at those unhelpful thought patterns around food, and how you can truly find a happy balance with your eating by taking a look at what rules and thoughts you have around food which just don’t serve you very well. This is your opportunity to learn how to have a mindset that actually makes your way of eating pleasant and peaceful, instead of a battle!


At the end of this workshop, you should be able to identify thoughts that trip you up, decide on which beliefs are not serving you and which ones will help you out more and you’ll come to see your thoughts about food in a totally different way.


Take a look at this clip from the video:


Here is some great feedback from this workshop:

“Thank you – it was super useful and honestly opened my eyes. Made me realize where I’ve been going wrong and hopefully with a little change food won’t be an inner battle anymore!”

“I was so inspired by what you were sharing and really valued having that time to listen, learn and internalize some of these new and old ideas. I think I’ve finally realized that I need to fundamentally change how I am with myself – light bulb moment with this workshop!”

“It was amazing. Thank you so much, I loved it!”

“It was so good – I’ve been working on my relationship with food for about 6 months and recently I’ve been slipping back into restrict and binge type patterns. Your workshop made me see it’s the long-time thought patterns that are stuck in my head, so now I’ve got some focus for my self-care goals. Thank you!”

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