This course is about loving life, loving your food, and feeling confident through being mindful, slowing down, and connecting to the magic of your every day life.

I practice yoga and meditation most days, and I aim to be as mindful as I can in my day to day life. This leaves me feeling refreshed and connected to my life. My mind and mood improve with this approach, and my eating calmed down and became more peaceful as I lived this way.

If you like yoga, magic, autumn, intentional and slow living – then this course is perfect to ground you. Connect with yourself and your eating to feel truly alive and energized about your life and how you eat.


4 modules with 4 topics in each.
  • Module 1: How to Change Using Abundance Thinking
  • Module 2: The Magic of Mindfulness
  • Module 3: How to Feel Confident by Turning Inwards
  • Module 4: Love Your Food and Love Your Life
Once  you enroll you’ll be able to access the course for as long as it’s available.
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Who I am:

Rebecca Storch
Course Creator and Coach

I used to be a binge eater and over eater. For many years I ate compulsively.

I have healed my relationship with food through mindfulness, connecting with myself, understanding why I eat, and living with more intention for myself. I teach courses and workshops across the UK helping women to heal their relationship with food, so that they can step into their true selves and show up in the world with more confidence.

I teach self-compassion, kindness and connection to heal the food relationship.

Friendly, woman-to-woman support for women who are ready to live a more meaningful life, where food is a joy and life is good.