Intention Setting Workshop

Get clarity around your goals, and feel excited about taking your next steps with planning tools to keep you focused.

Join in on a fun workshop to feel totally clear on the life goals that matter to you.

Get super clear on where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there. Live a life of purpose and meaning that makes you feel good. Feel excited about your life, and get ready to set some powerful intentions in this fun workshop.

In this workshop, you are going to learn:

  • How you learn based on your personality and personal attributes
  • How to gain confidence in reaching your goals and keeping going, even when things get tough
  • Learn how to cultivate a mindset for success
  • Visualize your amazing future, and feel excited about making it happen
  • Plan out your goals with mapping tools so you know exactly which steps to take next!

Upcoming Workshops

What to expect

The workshops are designed to give you tools and a new understanding in a short and impactful 2 hour session.
Small numbers of up to 15 make this a relaxed workshop where you’ll meet friendly folks just like you. There will be a questionnaire to fill in before you book your space to ensure this workshop is right for you.