Food Freedom

How it Works

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Fill in the questionnaire and schedule a callback so that we can pinpoint what you want out of this coaching package

6 x 60 min calls

Each week you'll have the opportunity to work on different elements of you food relationship. Changes will happen each week as you focus on each area that makes up your food relationship

2 x 30 min follow up

These 2 calls cal be scheduled in one go, or separate and can happen up to 60 days after the first calls. This gives you time to reflect and to plan the next exciting steps in your journey to happy eating forever

This is for you

This is the coaching package for you if:

  • You are ready to deep dive into a range of different elements that impact your eating
  • You’re excited to work on your mindset, your habits, and your self, to find a deep sense of peace around food and eating
  • You are open to receive guidance on how to change and you want to implement those exciting changes each week for sustained progress
  • You like the idea of long term and sustainable changes which means you’ll feel confident in yourself, and your ability to be balance around food
  • The idea of enjoying food, and never dieting again is super appealing to you!
  • You enjoy accountability and focused work to do in your own time
This is an in-depth coaching package that delivers real, long lasting and feel-good changes to your eating relationship. The focus is on habits, sustainability, sticking power and mindset shifts.
We’ll look at beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours and the five areas that influence your eating.
The 6 calls will happen over an 8 week window.
You’ll also have the opportunity to book two 30 minute follow up calls up to 90 days after the initial set of coaching calls. This helps to keep you focused and will serve as a great opportunity to see changes over a longer time frame, and how to progress on your onward journey.


Coaching is no substitute for therapy of counseling.

If you have an active eating disorder, or have been in recovery for less than three years, I would recommend you seek therapy at this time.

However, you are free to discuss anything with me and I’ll answer any concerns you may have.

You’ll need to have booked a consultation call.

You’ll then need to pay upfront in full, then book a date that suits for your call.

Once the call is finished, you can book the follow up.


Only if you want! I will send notes after the call which include a ‘things to try’ section. This is totally optional and will have come from the things we discussed in the call.

No! It can also be a video call. For this I use Zoom. If you have a better internet signal we can use voice only on Zoom, or video as well.

If you are local to me in Carmarthen there is sometimes the option of a face to face meeting in a therapy room. Please ask if you’re interested in this option.


You can absolutely book more sessions if you need to. I can offer adhoc hour long sessions after a coaching programme should you need more.

The fee for these sessions is £45 for clients who’ve booked a Feel Good Fast package and £35 for clients who have purchased the two longer packages.

Get ready to feel amazing

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