Is your tight control on food working for you?

I’m guessing not! I used to track my eating, and count food numbers. But it wasn’t working. I yo-yo’d with my weight. I went up and down with my moods. And my self-esteem went along for the ride.
You might feel the same.
Swinging back and forth with your eating and your weight is driving you crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop self-sabotaging yourself and just EAT THE WAY YOU WANT?
The Eat Happy Basics COURSE will show you how to lay the foundation for eating success.
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Eat dessert without losing control
  • Wake up on Monday knowing you won’t need to start ANOTHER diet – yay!
  • Feel good in your body and have a super strong relationship with yourself
  • Know how to navigate food and emotion so you can come right back into a happy balance every single meal!

 Do you want to eat healthy, lose weight, but also enjoy treats?

>>> Then you need to know how to find food balance <<<
The Eat Happy BAsics course teaches you how to find this in three modules.


  •   Are You Ready?

Why Are You Unbalanced?
  • The Number 1 Reason For Food Imbalance
  • Your Focus Should Be On This ONE Thing…
  •  5 Things To Get Rid Of – Today!
Finding Food Flexibility
  • Cravings 101
  • Guilt Free Food
Living Life with Balance
  • Goodbye Sabotage
  • Living Life The Way I Wanna!