Eat Happy is run by me – Rebecca – and I offer you coaching to become a happier eater, at peace with food. Eat Happy is about learning how to quit dieting, escape the diet trap, protect yourself from diet culture and live a life where you are friends with food, and your self! No more weighing scales, no more calorie counting, no slimming clubs or complicated food rules. This is my way of showing you how you can eat intuitively by learning to trust your inner wisdom.

We can chat and find out with a free call here. But you know it may be right for you as you are here, reading these words! Something brought you here today, and there’s a part of you that knows that dieting doesn’t work and leaves you miserable. Even if you feel scared of letting go of dieting and food rules, that doesn’t mean that Eat Happy isn’t for you. It’s normal to feel apprehansive about stepping out of the familiarity of dieting, but you know it doesn’t truly give you what you want. Perhaps it’s time to explore another way of eating and living that gives you freedom and confidence to be who you truly are?

Of course! However, you should know that weight loss is not the aim of Eat Happy. And also, I can’t say that weight loss will happen from intuitive eating. But I can say that you will find a balance that is right and comfortable for you, and only you know what that feels like. You are in the driving seat the whole way, and you can eat in a way that feels right for you.

I believe that my content may still be useful for you, but you would most likely be better served by a therapuetic modality especially for these conditions. Check out the B-Eat website, otherwise, talk to your GP or find a suitable counsellor or therapist that is qualified to work with eating disorders.

I work with individuals who have been in recovery for 5+ years of an eating disorder and have previously had support from a licenced medical practitioner. You will find that my work, and the work of intituive and mindful eating will support you in continuing to find long-term balance with food.

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