4 Session Coaching Package

Your time to Eat Happy is now!


Free yourself from binge eating and emotional eating. Feel in control of your moods and emotions, and connect to the inner strength you have to grow your bravery. You’ll learn how to deal with stress and how you can avoid eating to numb out. You’ll feel more relaxed and in control around food, and you can enjoy each mouthful. You will change at a pace that suits you, and will do only what feels comfortable to you. But you will eventually feel that you can manage your life, and your self much better. You already know how to eat in balance, and this package will connect you to that part of yourself once more.

Understand why you eat emotionally, and discover the reasons why you numb out with food during binges.

What You’ll Get:

* Free Discovery call. Have a chat with me with no obligation to purchase the package. Ask anything you want about how this works and if this coaching is right for you.

* Four 1.5 hour sessions that can be booked at times that suit for up to 6 weeks from the first call. (Or 6 one hour conversations)

* Two Check In’s. Either online chat or via e-mail, we will chat for 15minutes to see how things are going and what we can work on in upcoming sessions.

* Free resources. You’ll get access to useful material that you can work on at your own pace. This will help you get to a happier place with your eating as you are taking control and working on things in your own way.


End Emotional Eating and Banish Binges Coaching Package: £180


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