The Eat Happy Course

The course that helps you find balance with food. You’ll never need to count another calorie again (yipee!)

How do you want to feel about eating?

Calm, positive, balanced, at peace?

This course is how you’re going to make that happen.

If you’re sick and tired of calorie counting, running mental games around food, trying to be ‘good’ all the time and you’re exhausted – it’s time for you to try something new and have a happier relationship with food.

This course is fun, insightful, and full of practical tools on how you can feel good about yourself every day which improves your relationship with food.

Women who’ve been on this course have levelled up their awareness, quit counting calories there and then, gone solo travelling, increased their confidence, had chocolate hobnobs in the house without bingeing on them and been soo much kinder to themselves that they are growing in self-belief every day.

Now, does that sound like a better 2021 or what?

We cover binge eating, shedding the diet mentality, how to practice self-compassion, how to handle comments from others, and how to manage emotional eating in all its forms.



I used to be a binge eater and it stemmed from all the food rules I had absorbed from diet culture, and the strain I was putting on myself to look a certain way.

The fact is; dieting doesn’t work. The evidence is there to show that people who diet can end up with a more disordered relationship to food, and their weight increases over time.

There are no meal plans in this course, and no food rules. You can have total and absolute food freedom which actually leads to a super balanced way of eating for you, which is sustainable, feel-good, flexible and blummin’ delicious too.

I know what you’re thinking, because I once thought it too: “But I’ll eat everything, I’ll gain weight! My diet mentality and food rules is the only thing that keeps me behaving around food!”

But you know that’s not true, because you’re here. You’re unhappy with how you feel about food, and yet you’re conflicted that to stay slim or lose weight you’ve just got to have a bad food relationship.

That’s not true at all. You can stop focusing on weight, and find a happy balance with food and let your mind calm down! Which will lead you to have a better experience of your life. When all is said and done, isn’t that what you want? The confidence, the courage, the creative passion to pursue your dreams and to make your life a good one. Putting yourself out there, leaning in, showing up, being your best self. Does that start on the plate, or does it start with you?

That’s the juicy thing about the course, it not only unlocks a happier relationship with food – but it will show you how to be who you want to be! The confident you who wants an awesome life!

Our food relationship and who we are, it’s all linked and you can’t work on one without working on the other. So let’s start. Let’s get you feeling good about food, yourself and your life.

You’ve got one life and eating calorie-controlled meals isn’t going to make it amazing.

This is the permission slip you need to make your life better by being who you are.

This course is currently set at an amazing price, and it’s not going to last!

I’ll be open, the reason the price is so low is because this is the first time I’m bringing this course to the online space. I want to see how the format works and once I know that it does, the price will definitely be increasing this year. I know that sounds a bit hard sell, but if you’re like me and you’re careful about investing your money, I wanted to let you know that so you aren’t surprised a few months down the line when you see the price has increased.

Not only that but the early birds get a discount too. If you want a payment plan, you can get in touch with me at and I’ll see what I can do!

Right, that’s about it.

If you need to cancel, you can do so up to 10 days before the course. I won’t be able to refund after 5 days before the course because that’s just too short notice for me to replace your space.  (More info below)

I’ll be teaching you the Eat Happy Method which is very similar to Intuitive Eating and also has a mindfulness based approach. I’m a coach with over 6 years experience of working 1 on 1 with clients helping them live their lives the way they want to. If you want to find out more about me, check out my website and Instagram. I’ve helped soo many women through my coaching, workshops and courses feel more at peace with themselves and ready to show up to live their awesome lives.

It’s all very exciting, isn’t it?

Did I mention there’s only 10 spaces open for this course! Why? Because from my experience, it works better with a close group because it gives us time to talk, share and explore.

Ready to book on?

See you soon!

Rebecca x

Upcoming course

Eat Happy - Online Course

Starts February 15th

This is the comprehensive live group course for people who are sick of dieting, are tired of calorie counting and are aware that their relationship with food needs some help.

This course aims to:

* Help you become aware of the unhelpful patterns and behaviours you currently have around food

* Teach you proven skills, techniques and tools to navigate every day life with a balanced mindset around food

* Show you how you can feel at peace with food and move away from dieting once and for all

Course Dates and Times:


I may add on a few more dates to this schedule (to be decided when the course commences).

7pm-9pm on the 15th/16th/17th February.

Monday 15th: 7pm – 9pm

Tuesday 16th: 7pm – 9pm

Wednesday 17th: 7pm-9pm

Follow up on Wednesday 24th – 7pm – 8:30pm

Course fee: £155

Payable upfront.

Booking essential. Limited spaces.

Who is the workshop for?

This is for you if you are:

  • Fed up of dieting
  • Want to stop the binge-restrict cycle
  • Want to eat ‘normally’ without food thoughts taking up your whole day (and life)
  • Feel better about yourself and your body

You do not need to have any previous knowledge of intuitive or mindful eating. This course is ideal for both beginners who want to start to heal their food relationship, and individuals who have already taken steps to feel good about food.

Course Instructor: Rebecca Storch

I run Eat Happy, a friendly coaching service based in West Wales that helps women feel good about how they eat so they can live the life they want. I used to be a binge eater and a compulsive over-eater. I taught myself how to find peace with food – and I now teach the Eat Happy Method to others who want to feel good about their eating as well. It is very similar to intuitive eating, but with lots of practical approaches that can help you get started straight away.

The Benefits of Eating Happy:

• You can eat wherever you are without needing to consult a difficult set of eating rules

• You’ll learn how to eat in total balance, without guilt. This means no guilt if you eat foods that were previously off-limits. (And you can still keep wellness in focus without self-sabotage)

• Balance will look like not weighing yourself and not having to buy clothes of different sizes all the time

• You will always know what feels right by having the Eat Happy Mindset, so you don’t have to worry about over-eating or binge-eating

• Although you’ll be able to eat absolutely anything you want, you will still have lots of motivation to exercise and eat well because your motivation will have changed

• Best of all, you’ll feel good about yourself!  You’ll have more confidence to live the life you want to live right now. You can travel, dress the way you want, go for opportunities you want to try because food-stuff and low confidence won’t hold you back anymore

Dates and Times:

Monday 15th 7pm – 9pm

Tuesday 16th 7pm – 9pm

Wednesday 17th 7pm – 9pm

Follow up:

Wednesday 25th – 7pm – 8:30pm



Cancellations & Refunds

I reserve the right to cancel or postpone this workshop. In cases of unforeseeable circumstances, I will give as much notice as possible. If the event is cancelled or postponed I will give a minimum of 5 days notice.
If you wish to cancel, I offer a full refund 10 days before the event and a 50% refund if cancelled between day 10 and day 5 before the event. I’m afraid I can’t offer refunds any closer to the event date. Please let me know as soon as you can should you wish for a refund. Refunds will be given after the date of the event. I also don’t offer refunds on this course after you’ve taken it.

If I feel that you are unsuitable for this course, I’ll happily refund and offer you resources and guidance on what might serve you better. I also reserve the right to remove participants from the course who don’t adhere to the rules of the group.


Can I join this course if I have a clinically diagnosed, or self-diagnosed eating disorder?

I’m afraid this course won’t be suitable for you if you have Anorexia or Bulimia as you will need more specialist support for this. Do check out the B-Eat Website for resources on where you can get help.

Client and Course Participant Testimonials:

“It really has made a difference already, thank you. I know there’s food in the house that I would have binged on before, but I feel a lot calmer about it all now!” Liza M

“I’ve got a much greater awareness of when and why I’m eating and how much emotion is connected with food for me.” Jo R

“I feel I have increased awareness of how I’m eating and how I can let go of some of the control that was making me very unhappy.” Rhian A

“The difference is that I now notice how I feel before, during and after eating. I’m more aware of how food has replaced a lot of the little things I used to enjoy in life.” – Zoe K

“Really positive and informative sessions, providing skills to help with both eating habits and life’s challenges. The group sessions were brill, really interesting to hear everyone’s views and experiences in a relaxed and comfortable setting. I had a really positive week last week after the sessions, felt comfortable eating all foods and accepting I have the choice and can be happy with my choices. I feel I have increased self-awareness and self-confidence.” – Alison C

“Even after a few hours into the workshop I feel like I have the tools to use and feel more positive about my relationship with food!” Lucy F


who the course is for

This course is for you if you want to enjoy food. The course is open to anyone who is ready to quit dieting and improve their relationship with food.

You can’t face another diet

Does the thought of counting food numbers, banning certain foods or not enjoying eating out make you feel drained? The Eat Happy course is not a diet. You’ll never need to, or want to, diet after this course!

You’re fed up of thinking about food all day

Controlling food is so boring and it takes up a lot of headspace. The course shows you how to have a balanced, relaxed and happy mindset so you can think about, and do, lots of other cool stuff instead.

you want to feel good about how you eat

You want to be able to just relax about eating, and not beat yourself up for what you’ve consumed. In this course you’ll learn that

you want to look after yourself, body and mind

You want to make your life feel good! You want more, you know you’ve got more to give and you know food stuff is holding you back.

fun bits

Course Benefits

What will you get out of this course? What happens afterwards?

new start

No calorie counting

Come on, how awesome is this? Freedom from boring food numbers, yay! Imagine what other cool stuff you’ll be able to do with all that time.

yum yum

Eat out, anywhere

Restaurant, travelling, dining with friends. Imagine if these things didn’t make you food anxious? Imagine if you could say no, or yes with no hesitation, and eat without guilt or punishment.

Peaceful eating

Make friends with all foods

Take foods off the naughty list, and learn to make friends with it again. Turn to food with a new attitude, and make up your mind for yourself.

and relax

Find inner, and outer, balance

Over time, the skills learned in this course will lead you to a balanced mindset, and a body balance that has long been desired. It will come from an inner peace that you’ll learn how to access with the tools.

from clients who are now eating happily!


"Definitely feel more positive about being able to improve my relationship with food. Thoroughly recommend if you feel stuck in a rut with your relationship with food!”

Becky L.

“It was a really positive, comfortable environment to chat about some quite complex and deep-rooted issues around image, confidence and food. Gave me lots to think about!”

Natalie S.

“Really informative, common-sense approach. Turned some of my ideas and beliefs on their head in a good way! I’m looking forwards to putting these ways of being into practice!”

Jacqui W.

“I feel more excited about being more aware of how I eat and practising the awareness and acceptance!”

Abbie B.

“I feel like I understand more of why I’m like I am with food better and that some of my feelings are totally rational. The content of the course was really good.”

Michelle R.

"I felt Rebecca facilitated a safe space in which the group could be curious about food and our relationships with eating. I liked that the focus wasn’t on the food itself but our patterns and habits of eating. I feel more curious with a sense of increased awareness of my relationship with food.”

Tara B.

About Rebecca

Your Course Leader

I designed the Eat Happy Method to share practical steps with anyone who wants to feel good about food. I have worked with many people to implement habit change both in my work as the Eat Happy Coach, and also as an advisor within the National Health Service.

I was a compulsive binge-eater, and I ended up in hospital with complications from my unhealthy control on food. After years of working on finding my own path out of unhappy eating, I discovered the way to peace and relaxation within myself. I now teach others the same steps so that they too can feel good about food, and about themselves.

The Eat Happy Mission

You are too valuable to be wasting your energy controlling something that doesn’t need to be controlled. The mission of the Eat Happy Method is to free you from the chains of food control, so that you can live a freer, happier and more balanced life where your energy can be directed into your passions and your values.

My aim is to give you permission to love yourself, accept yourself and honour who you are so that you can eat happy, and be happy.

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