The Eat Happy Course

Enjoy this fun and informative day course that helps you find balance with food. You’ll never need to count another calorie again (yipee!)

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Sunday 2nd Feb // Little Man Coffee // 10am – 3pm  // £55

Learn how to Eat Happy without dieting, with Rebecca Storch at Little Man Coffee Company for a relaxed day course. In this 5 hour course, you’ll learn happy eating skills in the company of lovely peeps just like you!

Booking essential. Limited spaces.

who the course is for

This course is for you if you want to enjoy food. The course is open to anyone who is ready to quit dieting and improve their relationship with food.

You can’t face another diet

Does the thought of counting food numbers, banning certain foods or not enjoying eating out make you feel drained? The Eat Happy course is not a diet. You’ll never need to, or want to, diet after this course!

You’re fed up of thinking about food all day

Controlling food is so boring and it takes up a lot of headspace. The course shows you how to have a balanced, relaxed and happy mindset so you can think about, and do, lots of other cool stuff instead.

you want to feel good about how you eat

You want to be able to just relax about eating, and not beat yourself up for what you’ve consumed. In this course you’ll learn that

you want to look after yourself, body and mind

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Eat Happy Course

About The Course

Ready to feel good about how you eat?  This course will help you improve your relationship with food, get your mindset balanced around your eating, and give you skills so you’ll never have to diet again.

Perhaps you currently diet, or maybe you think about food a lot of the time. It may be that you are fed up of watching what you eat, but you don’t know how to relax around food.
This course begins with looking at your current relationship with food, and how you can spot the diet industry around you, so that you can make better choices to look after yourself.
Once you see how you have come to eat the way you do, we’ll look at three main skills that you’ll need to develop the right mindset so that you can begin to feel way more positive about yourself and chill out about your eating. (I call this the Eat Happy Mindset).
After seeing how these skills can be used straight away, we’ll then discuss other factors that can influence your eating. You’ll be shown coping strategies to deal with stuff that can make you feel wobbly about yourself so that you can become more resilient in keeping your wellbeing as a top priority.
The course concludes with a discussion on food itself and how you can navigate the world of food around you in a way that feels incredibly easy, and you’ll see how food can actually become a joy.
The course is held in a comfy and cool venue, where you can drink matcha latte’s or delicious coffee throughout the course. You’ll be in good company. The course usually has anywhere from 3-8 participants, so it’s very relaxed and informal. You can put your feet up, and chat with ease, knowing that you’re not alone in how you feel about food.
The aim of the course is to give you skills and tools that you can then go and use on your own. You’ll be invited to a follow up group coaching call a couple of weeks after the course to check in with how things are going. You’ll also be able to join the Facebook group to chat with others who have been on the course and who are working through the material.


fun bits

Course Benefits

What will you get out of this course? What happens afterwards?

new start

No calorie counting

Come on, how awesome is this? Freedom from boring food numbers, yay! Imagine what other cool stuff you’ll be able to do with all that time.

yum yum

Eat out, anywhere

Restaurant, travelling, dining with friends. Imagine if these things didn’t make you food anxious? Imagine if you could say no, or yes with no hesitation, and eat without guilt or punishment.

Peaceful eating

Make friends with all foods

Take foods off the naughty list, and learn to make friends with it again. Turn to food with a new attitude, and make up your mind for yourself.

and relax

Find inner, and outer, balance

Over time, the skills learned in this course will lead you to a balanced mindset, and a body balance that has long been desired. It will come from an inner peace that you’ll learn how to access with the tools.

About Rebecca

Your Course Leader

I designed the Eat Happy Method to share practical steps with anyone who wants to feel good about food. I have worked with many people to implement habit change both in my work as the Eat Happy Coach, and also as an advisor within the National Health Service.

I was a compulsive binge-eater, and I ended up in hospital with complications from my unhealthy control on food. After years of working on finding my own path out of unhappy eating, I discovered the way to peace and relaxation within myself. I now teach others the same steps so that they too can feel good about food, and about themselves.

The Eat Happy Mission

You are too valuable to be wasting your energy controlling something that doesn’t need to be controlled. The mission of the Eat Happy Method is to free you from the chains of food control, so that you can live a freer, happier and more balanced life where your energy can be directed into your passions and your values.

My aim is to give you permission to love yourself, accept yourself and honour who you are so that you can eat happy, and be happy.

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