Practical approaches to happier eating using the power of your mindset

Imagine waking up and eating a delicious breakfast. You take your time over it, and savour it slowly; the perfect start to your busy day. You get dressed and love to choose the clothes you’re wearing. You feel like wearing something  bright and cheery as you feel that way today! You drive to work and you enjoy some deep breathing. You feel the sun warming your skin through the car windows and you feel pretty relaxed despite a meeting scheduled first thing.
At lunch, you go to the canteen and choose what you feel will sit well with you today. You’re tempted by some dessert, but know that it’s not good enough for you and you’d rather eat the dessert you have at home because you made it and you know it’s exactly what you want!
After a day at work, you are happy to come home, stretch and relax.
You used to feel heavy all day, weighted down with feelings of worry and guilt over what you’ve eaten. You wonder if you’ve eaten the wrong things, and if you’re going to have to make up for them with a trip to the gym later. You used to get dressed in clothes you felt didn’t represent what you wanted to be. This is all a thing of the past.
Now, you feel good. You are happy to eat a range of different foods and you trust yourself to find balance. You know it’s always a practice to find that balance, but you know you really do like who you are. It feels so good to know that you speak kindly to yourself and you’ve always got your back. No more negative or mean self-talk. Now, who you are, in your skin and in your self feels positive and strong and hopeful.
This is what the Eat Happy Mindset feels like. Learn the Method to find out how you can relax into who you are, and feel at ease without tight control and enjoy delicious food every day!

How Coaching Works:

The Eat Happy Method (which is what we cover in coaching) looks at some of the super skills you need to really get to that place with eating that you sooo want right now. We will look at your level of awareness, acceptance, and see if you practice either freedom or choice when it comes to eating.
I will also guide you along on cool strategies like:
  • The Time Structure approach (the non-food way to planning your day)
  • Confidence building toolkit
  • Habit Do-Over
  • Willpower 101
and many more.
You see, it’s the whole thing.



What Coaching Covers

 Coaching with me helps you to understand WHY you eat the way you do, and you’ll discover that you do not have to diet any more. Learn how to comfortably move away from thinking there’s a right way to eat, and stop overly controlling your food. It’s time to enjoy eating, feel good in yourself, and discover a whole new world of thinking about food and – you know, actually eating it!
What You’ll Get:
You’ll always receive a nice bundle of resources no matter which coaching option you’ve gone for. You’ll always get follow up e-mails with notes of our conversation. You’ll get plans (not meal plans!) that include self guided work to strengthen your mindset, as well as getting a handbook that’s full of exercises that teach you the skills you need to stay strong, balanced and kind so that Eat Happy is your way of life, and you’ll never diet again.
I work with clients all over the UK, and the world. If you are local to me – Carmarthenshire, then I usually have a private therapy room. Otherwise, I work from Skype, WhatsApp and good old phonecalls.

You can simply fill in the form below, and I shall get back in touch with you via e-mail to book our call!



Coaching Fees:

Get in touch today for a FREE 30 min consultation call!

You can tell me what you need, and ask any questions and I’ll be happy to answer!

You can either book a one off 90 minute session which will give you guidance and steps to take right away. Most people go for 4 – 6 week packages as they cover progress week by week.

  • 90 minute session = £45
  • 4 week package = £148
  • 6 week package = £210

Things to know:

All payments must be made upfront and cannot be refunded once coaching has begun.

All coaching dates must be booked in on the first session, and must be completed within 6-8 weeks of the first session.

Please ask if you have any questions!

Any Questions:

Ask away!