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Every week I help people just like you learn how to eat intuitively. If you can’t face another diet and you feel stuck, let me help you move forwards towards a happy relationship with food and get you feeling good about yourself again.

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The ToolKit 1:1 Package

4 sessions in 6 weeks

A great option for you if you want to know what it takes to begin your Eat Happy journey. These sessions will equip you with the understanding you need, and the tools you’ll use so that you can leave dieting behind and start on your own exciting path of becoming a happy, intuitive eater at peace with food.

I’ll show you what mindset changes you’ll need to make, and we’ll discuss the thoughts and patterns that have brought you to where you are today. With an understanding of the principles of happy eating, you’ll feel confident that you’ll be able to use the tools and practices in your own life so that you can feel good about food!

4 sessions in 6 weeks – £325

Extras: In-depth follow up notes which include worksheets and resources

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Let’s have a chat! Discover what I’m all about and tell me a bit about yourself.

We can see if Eat Happy is the right option for you, and I’ll happily answer any queries you may have.

What to expect: A conversation on what is going on for you right now. My coaching is very much based in conversation and co-working where we decide together on what feels right. In this consultation, I will share with you more about Eat Happy Coaching and if I feel that I can support you, I will let you know more about how we can work together and what you will get from my supportive coaching.

The Full Support 1:1 Package

7 sessions in 10 weeks

This is it. No more dieting, for real.

What if, each day eating felt easy and natural? What if you felt totally comfortable in your body, and had the confidence to reach for the things you want to achieve in your life?

What if you loved food, and felt totally balanced with it – being able to eat everything and still feel healthy, nourished and inspired?

This in-depth coaching package is perfect for you if you are truly ready to eat happily and live life the way you want to. If you are ready to move beyond being held back by food worries and negative body image and step into balance, peace, comfort and joy – then now is the time, and this is the option for you.

I’ve supported many, many women to have food freedom. And freedom to live life fully. They now eat without calorie counting, travel the world, have chocolate in the house without bingeing on it, and feel free and joyous!

With this coaching, I’ll support you as you implement the tools of the Eat Happy Method. I’ll work with you so that you feel confident eating in different scenarios, how to manage other people, how to eat after years of dieting and how that works in your life. You’ll be given exercises and worksheets that support your new practice, and I’ll check with you each week on how you’re integrating the three Eat Happy skills into your life.

I’d love to work with you and support you as you quit dieting and become a natural, happy, eater at peace with food. Book a consultation first, and let’s talk.

7 sessions within 10 weeks – £504

Extras: In-depth follow up notes which include a summary of our discussion, things to try, worksheets to complete and resources to support you.

Also Available to you on e-mail or voice notes for 8 weeks

About Me

I began dieting at the age of 13 when I felt that I had to lose weight because that’s what everybody around me was doing. It didn’t take long for my eating to become very disordered, and my relationship with my body took my self-esteem plummeting downwards. I remember sitting in a room full of people at a party once when I was about 16 or so, and I just stared at my legs wondering if they looked thin enough. Looking back, it was like I was a zombie – I had put my life on hold because I was waiting to emerge from my ‘not good enough cocoon’ as a thin and confident social butterfly! Let me tell you, that didn’t happen. It’s not that I didn’t lose weight (only to regain it anyway) – but the weight loss never resulted in confidence because all I was practising was self-hatred and dislike.

The work I do now is to show people just like you, how to stop wasting any more precious life energy on food woes so that you can eat with joy and ease – and live your life happily!

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