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The most effective way to work on your relationship with food. Coaching is the best way you can discover how to move forwards and feel good about yourself, and how you eat.

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About Coaching

What you really want is for eating to be easy, enjoyable and relaxed. You don’t want to spend all your time thinking about food, or counting calories.

You want a happy balance between living the life you want, looking after your health, and enjoying all foods.


I work with people who want to feel better about their eating; and feel more confident in themselves.

It can take years to figure all this stuff out on your own but with Eat Happy Coaching you get personalized tools that will help you move forwards in the right direction.
Coaching is the most effective and efficient way to get to a happy place with food and yourself.
Your life is for living, not for feeling negative about your thighs, or carrying food anxiety with you wherever you go. If you want to feel good, then take a look at my coaching programmes, and book a FREE consultation call today.

A New Approach To Eating

Feel good fast

1 x 90 minute coaching call + 1 follow up call
You know your eating feels chaotic, and you think about it too much. This fast track to feeling good about your eating is a powerful 90 minute call where you’ll receive practical action steps and easy to use mindfulness tools to implement immediately.
You’ll feel more aware of your eating habits, and in a better place to do something about them. This is a positive based coaching call, and you will move forwards quickly to a good place with food so you can feel confident in taking your next steps.
Your investment:


transform your eating

4 x 60 min coaching calls for 4 weeks + 1 follow up call
You are ready to eat happy without dieting, restricting or bingeing. This month long programme is designed to help you understand your eating blocks, why you self-sabotage, how to manage cravings and urges to over eat, and how to manage your body image or weight issues.
A friendly 1:1 coaching call each week will help you keep focused on the changes you want to make and will encourage you to live the life you have put on hold.
This programme is about getting you feeling confident and in control around food by using mindfulness skills, intuitive eating practices and the Eat Happy Method which will help you manage your eating, stay balanced with food no matter where you are, and feel good about your body.
If you’re ready to feel amazing about how you eat, then this is a great 1:1 option for you.
Your investment:


Food freedom forever

6 x 60 min coaching calls over 8 weeks + 2 follow ups
You want to know that you can eat in a way that feels amazing, for life! You don’t want to slip back into bad habits, and you definitely don’t want to diet or restrict.
You want to feel that you understand your eating habits, and the 5 areas that influence your eating.
You want to learn how to tune into your body, and get the balance between eating healthily and enjoying your indulgences without feeling totally out of control.
You want to set up practices that ground you, create habits, and you want to know how to stick with them.
This brilliantly in-depth programme is designed to help you create habits and learn what makes them stick.
You will learn more about how food can play a part in keeping you balanced, and how it can throw that balance off.
You will discover what makes your eating change, and what keeps it steady. You’ll also learn from an impressive programme of skills, tools, mindset changes and mindfulness practices that I will teach you each week in more detail.
I’ll check in with you each week on how you have implemented the new skills you are learning, as well as problem solving any sticky issues you want to clear up around your eating.
This is the programme for you if you want clarity around your eating, more energy and a focus on food freedom for more confidence, and a happier life.
Your investment: 
(Payment plan available)

A New Approach To Eating

Who is Coaching For?

See who I coach, and how you can benefit from coaching no matter where you’re at right now

Yo-Yo Dieters

If you’ve been on every diet under the sun, are a member of a slimming club and try out every new eating style that you see in the Sunday newspapers, then 1:1 Coaching will help you get off the merry-go-round and find a steady balance that feels right.

Binge Eaters

You go from being ‘good’ to eating everything in sight. You might have a range of clothes to accommodate regular physical changes. You don’t know why you do something that you really don’t want to! Coaching will absolutely help you reach that happy middle ground that feels far more relaxed.

Health Conscious

Nutrition matters to you. You are health aware, as well as mindful of other impacts your food choices has in terms of waste or environmental impacts. However, this level of trying to be perfect is draining, and sometimes you just throw your hands up and eat whatever – but this leaves you with a guilty hangover.  Coaching can help you find a sustainable happy place, that will nourish you on all levels.

Food Controllers

You’re careful about what you eat. You like to have things ‘just so’. Sometimes people don’t understand why you can’t chill out and eat ‘properly’.

Coaching can help you ease into a more relaxed and comfortable relationship with food that allows you to enjoy your life and still feel well.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or counseling. If you have binge eating disorder, anorexia or bulimia, or are in recovery of less that 3 years, I would recommend that you seek therapy and not coaching at this time. Please talk to me if you’re unsure.

What My clients are saying

I went from eating everything is sight, to having a real feeling of choice over what I was eating. I didn't have to follow any food rules, and I really relaxed around food for the first time in ages.
Alison J
Eat Happy Client
I definitely understand my eating a lot more. I didn't realize how much I ate emotionally. I learned lots of coping strategies and skills that have helped me feel differently about life, not just food!
Caryl T
Eat Happy Client

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