Clarity Call

Get clear around your eating, your goals and your self-confidence with this quick and impactful 30 min clarity call.

Get clear. Get focused.

If you’re struggling with your eating, or you have lost motivation or willpower around food, or life goals; then this call will give you a clear focus on how to move forwards. You’ll get:

Need to know

How much does it cost?

This super useful life hack call costs £15 for early birds.

Once you purchase I will send you the questionnaire and a booking link to reserve your call.

Cost is £25 after it launches!

It’s a great value for tools that will get you unstuck and feeling way more clear and confident on an issue that’s been holding you back for too long.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who struggles with annoying food and eating habits, or behaviours that stop them moving forwards. The call will focus on one main focus point and aim to give quick wins immediately.

  • Late night eating
  • Over-eating at each meal
  • Eating stuff you don’t want to be eating
  • Being disorganized
  • Not sticking to goals and plans
  • Needing more confidence to move forwards with a goal

Will it solve all my eating stuff?

For a more in-depth resolution to your eating stuff and changing habits long term, you should take a look at my 1:1 Coaching.  The coaching packages take on board all the issues as a whole, so you’ll get a complete picture of how you can progress in each area that’s holding you back. The coaching is way more comprehensive than the Clarity Call.

Coaching calls come with a great resource bundle, as well as access to me on e-mail between the call and the follow up; which is a further 30 minute accountability call to give you even more help to feel good.

Check out all my fantastic coaching packages here.

what will i get?

  • A questionnaire to give me the lowdown on your main struggle right now.
  • A 30 minute call via Zoom / phone call to chat about it further with you, and to understand what exactly you need to help you move forwards.
  • A follow up e-mail up to 14 days after the call which will include a PDF of:
  • Advice on where to put your energy now
  • Skills and tools you need to be practicing to change your situation
  • Links to helpful apps, books, and websites that will further your self-development
  • Any worksheets that I think can help you clarify your next steps.