Never Diet Again! 5 weeks to learn skills that allow you to feel balanced around food so that you don’t need to carry the dieting mindset anymore.

Free yourself from worry around food, and learn how to eat (and live) with confidence! Break away from the feast/fast nature of some weight loss diets, and discover how The Eat Happy Way will allow you to make choices based on your wellbeing so that you feel so much better, as well as comfortable, confident and in control around food. It’s time to make friends with food – and yourself. If you feel you have weight to lose, or you feel that you’re not best buds with food, or you just get caught up in habits that don’t serve you The Eat Happy Course will get you to feeling like there’s so much more to your life than a love/hate relationship with food.


1 hour a week, over 5 weeks to learn and explore how to Eat Happy: Practical intuitive eating skills, develop a balanced mindset for balanced eating, discover your blocks to happy eating, understand what is driving you to eat, and find a path forwards where you can break free from the diet trap.

No weighing scales in sight! No body shaming, just acceptance that we all eat – and it ain’t always easy to do. No annoying “eat when you’re hungry/stop when you’re full”. Just lots of kindness and acceptance!

There will be a group style element to the sessions – it won’t be a standard ‘classroom’. Although there may be homework of sorts!

This is not about nutrition, meal plans, dietetics, or counselling or psychotherapy.

This is a group coaching session. The emphasis is on practical steps being taught, although there will be some introspection if you feel comfortable to do so, but please be aware that it will be a coaching group – not a counselling group.