I’m super excited to be holding this fun workshop at the amazing Wild Thing Cafe!
Thursday April 4th + 11th // 18:30 – 21:00 // Booking Essential // 2 Part Workshop £55 //
This is for you if:
>> You are tired of not eating the way you wish you would
>> You wish eating was easy, without worry and guilt
>> You may want to lose weight, but you just can’t face another diet
>> You have habits that just aren’t serving you. Self-sabotage!
>> You want to take care of yourself, and you’re ready to try something new
This 2-part workshop will get you:

* Feeling confident, in control and happy about your eating

* Supercharging your mindset so it’s positive and kind – and show you how you can actually say goodbye to the diet trap once and for all

* Understanding practical steps to balanced eating, without following rules that don’t feel good.

* Get confident about yourself, learn to deal with things that are holding you back, and feel good about your eating, and your life. Yay!


This Won’t Be:
  •  A class on nutrition. You won’t get meal plans.
  • A slimming group. This is about mindset baby, so no weighing scales (or shame) anywhere in sight.
  • About plant based eating. I know I’m hosting it at an awesome plant based cafe, but you can attend no matter what your dietary preferences are!
  • A shindig! It will be great to be in this friendly environment, but we’ve got work to do! Hey, you may even get a bit of homework.
What to bring // Good to know:

– Notebooks and pens will be handy.

– There will be coffee and some snacks for sale if you’re peckish, but there won’t be any hot meals for sale.

– This is a fun workshop with lots of stuff to learn. But because it’s about food-stuff, it can get emotional too (all good!) Just know that this isn’t anything like group therapy! But it is a chance for you to learn and share in a really friendly environment. (You ain’t alone).
What Eat Happy Clients say:
“I’ve only done the 3 day mini mind reset (so far) but I have really enjoyed it, and can’t believe the difference it’s made already! An open pack of hobnobs in the cupboard, and, you know what, I paused and decided I didn’t want one!! I am so impressed & will be booking 1-2-1 sessions next month!!” – Emma S.
“I took advantage of Rebecca’s amazing January offer and have not looked back. Rebecca has taught me valuable lessons that have changed my outlook not just on food but on life in general. She has a wealth of knowledge and was eager to share it with me. I have enjoyed every step of my journey with Rebecca and will continue to walk the path with her by my side.”  Kathryn D.
“I don’t call myself mean names anymore. I really do feel much lighter and more positive. I can see why I was eating the way I was, and feel really hopeful about food now. Thank you!” Jen S.