4 Session Coaching Package

Your time to Eat Happy is now!


Get to the bottom of why you can’t lose the weight, or why you gain it back. You’ll never have to diet again with the Eat Happy Way – but you’ll find yourself in a body that feels comfortable and with a mind that is kind and balanced. Approach food in a completely different way and free yourself to live the life you really want, and you’ll eat the way you want too. You’ll feel relaxed and calm with how you eat, and you’ll always feel in control. You’ll understand what’s been stopping you from losing weight, and you’ll have plenty of tools to deal with those reasons forever more. You’ll feel great, confident, attractive and just the way you want to feel in your body. You won’t fear food anymore and you’ll get to live your most awesome life!

Understand why you can’t lose the weight, and live the life you want right now!


What You’ll Get:

* Free Discovery call. Have a chat with me with no obligation to purchase the package. Ask anything you want about how this works and if this coaching is right for you.

* Four 1.5 hour sessions that can be booked at times that suit for up to 6 weeks from the first call. (Or 6 one hour conversations)

* Two Check In’s. Either online chat or via e-mail, we will chat for 15minutes to see how things are going and what we can work on in upcoming sessions.

* Free resources. You’ll get access to useful material that you can work on at your own pace. This will help you get to a happier place with your eating as you are taking control and working on things in your own way.

Break Your Weight Loss Blocks Coaching Package: £180




Tell me why you’re interested in this Coaching Package + best time to call + phone number and I shall get back to you with times and dates!