Binge Eating 101

An informative, fun and relaxed workshop about finding balance between bingeing and restricting

Binge eating is a confusing thing.

It’s when you eat a lot in one go, and sometimes go into a different headspace.

After a binge, you can feel guilty, sad, frustrated or angry at yourself. It often leads to promises of ‘trying better’ and the idea of just needing to apply more willpower.

Unfortunately, the effort to stay ‘good’ or ‘on track’ doesn’t seem to last, and a binge follows sooner than hoped.



This workshop aims to help you understand your binges, and patterns around it. And most of all, you will get tools to get you feeling good.

You will leave feeling hopeful that there is a balanced and happy path out of binge eating.

What to expect

The workshops are designed to give you tools and a new understanding in a short and impactful 2 hour session.
Small numbers of up to 15 make this a relaxed workshop where you’ll meet friendly folks just like you. There will be a questionnaire to fill in before you book your space to ensure this workshop is right for you.

Upcoming Workshops