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*Important stuff to know*

You’ll need to pay a £15 deposit for the course. When I check your application, you will get a payment request for the remainder which will need to be paid within 24 hours or I can’t guarantee your place on the course.





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Eat Happy is all about mindset. I do not give diet plans or meal plans. Eat Happy is not about food numbers.
Please list some things you'd like to get from this type of course
The course fee for 2019 is £55 and will need to be paid upfront to secure your place. It is refundable within 14 days of the first course date. It is not refundable 2 weeks before the course starts.
I will discuss other otions with you if you don't have PayPal.
Unfortunately some of these venues do not have access to wheelchairs. Please let me know and I can discuss other arrangements with you for the course.
Please be aware that if you are currently suffering from an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, you are advised to seek medical and therapeutic help from a licensed professional such as a psychotherapist. IF you feel you have done this work and have healed the disorder for more than 5 years, but would still like to find out more about Eat Happy, you are welcome to, and you are free to chat to me before hand. Thank you!

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