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Let’s get you eating happy

Hi! I’m Rebecca – and I can help you find peace with food. I am a recovered dieter and unhappy eater, and I can show you how to escape the diet trap so that you can live your amazing life, just as you are.

Food control doesn’t work – let me show you what does

You’ve done the diets, you’ve counted the calories and you’ve tried to be ‘good’ – but you’re not happy. You don’t like the way you eat, and you want to enjoy food instead! I help people just like you understand why controlling your food is making you miserable. I teach and coach people to take gentle steps towards balanced and intuitive eating so they can find a way to live and eat in a way that feels good.

what I do

whether you’re after coaching or a workshop – I’ve got you covered

1-1 Coaching

I’ll work with you, and support you fully so that you can eat without dieting and learn to feel good about the skin that you’re in.

Online Courses

The Eat Happy Course runs 3 times a year and it’s the in-depth group learning option for you if you’re ready to learn how to eat happy for life.


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a little bit about me

from diets to food freedom

  • I began controlling my food as a teen. I was just doing what I saw everyone around me doing. It didn’t take long for me to become obsessed with losing weight and becoming thin.
  • I dieted, counted calories and kept food journals for many years – and as time passed, I became more and more preoccupied with food control and hating my body – to the detriment of my quality of life
  • I finally hit the end of the road when I lost my tooth enamel and ended up in hospital due to digestive issues from my extreme dieting at the time
  • I finally realized I had to stop controlling my food and learn to accept myself for who I was, and how I looked
  • It took a lot of work, therapy and support to get me to quit food control and learn how to find peace with food
  • I now teach others how to escape the trap of unhappy eating and an unhappy relationship with their bodies so they can live a joyous life, full of confidence and courage to be who they are, and do what lights them up!

You’re not alone

I remember my time at University was probably my lowest point in terms of my disordered eating and my crashing self-esteem. I would decline invites out, I would feel eternally uncomfortable in my body – and all clothes felt wrong on me. I used to hide away, and my binge eating became more and more compulsive. I remember many a night, I would hide in my halls room with a lot of chocolate and eat until I was in pain. And you know – I never told anyone. It actually didn’t occur to me that my eating was messed up – I guess I must have thought it was normal for me because I had been dieting since I was 13.

I would just see skinny models on magazine covers, and I used to read trashy magazines that would body shame women on every page – and I didn’t even think it was a problem. Diet culture was everywhere, and I knew no different. I thought it was normal for me to hate my body and normal to want to be rail thin. I feel sad looking back at the opportunities I missed and the laughter I could have had – all because horrible diet culture and patriarchy made me feel ashamed to be who I was.

Anger would have been the right response – but instead, I was depressed, which as therapists often say it the flip side of anger. If you don’t let it out, it goes within. So perhaps my depression was anger that didn’t know why it existed or where to go. It took me falling ill and losing my tooth enamel from my eating disorder for me to realize that something was really wrong. I realized the problem wasn’t food or my body – but my relationship with them. And ultimately, the relationship I had with myself. And it took me longer again to realize that the reason my relationship with myself was so bad was because of diet culture.

I am here to tell you – you’re not alone. I know the pain of self-hatred. I know what it’s like to feel so panicked at the numbers on the scale, or feel shocked when you look in the mirror and feel so overwhelmed by the work of trying to control your body. I know what it’s like to cut out sizing labels on clothes, or to constantly plan out your eating.

I am also here to say – it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. It takes some time, it takes some effort, it takes learning new skills – but finding peace and feeling truly content being YOU is absolutely possible and I hope you find my work here at Eat Happy helpful for you.

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