Eat Happy is about helping you find peace with food and live with confidence.

The Eat Happy Method teaches three steps to a balanced relationship with food so that you never need to fall into the diet trap again.

All the skills that are taught through Eat Happy are about creating a strong and kind Eat Happy Mindset, that will let you enjoy food without guilt or worry as well as developing more confidence in yourself too.

So my name is Rebecca Storch.

And with Eat Happy, I’ve used my own experiences with disordered eating to create the Eat Happy Method to show others the step by step guide out of difficult eating towards a kind balance with food.

If you feel that you swing wildly from one way of eating to another, and you just wish you could eat the way you really want to, then Eat Happy is here to help!

I now run Eat Happy courses and workshops throughout the UK which teaches people the Eat Happy Method so that they never have to diet again and can enjoy their food, and live their awesome lives.

I also coach individuals, speak at events, guest on podcasts, writes on the Eat Happy blog, and share loads of information, tips and hacks on the Eat Happy Coach Instagram page.