I started Eat Happy to help get you into a happy balance with your eating. To feel at peace and at ease with food!

Because that was NOT me at all.

From the age of fifteen to my early twenties, I had a very difficult relationship with food.

I kept food diaries, I watched what I ate, and I felt really terrible if I ate badly. All of this was because I wanted to be thin. I wanted to be a thin and happy person, because I didn’t really like myself very much.

I thought that If I could eat properly, I would look good and then I would feel really confident in a slimmer body.

But life kept passing me by, and instead of food making me feel better, I was feeling worse and worse.

My weight just kept going up and down, and my self-esteem went along for the ride.

I never developed anorexia or bulimia, but my eating was certainly disordered. I felt guilt over eating most foods, and I was not a happy go lucky individual.

Over time, my choices and behaviour meant that I not only got depressed, but I also eroded the enamel off of my teeth because I was consistently binge eating.

It was time for things to change.

I was lucky that I discovered a meditation class close to where I was working at the time, and then I picked up my yoga practice again. I read self help books by the dozen, and finally realized I needed some help. I booked myself into therapy and through all of that work combined, began to find peace with myself.

Around the same time, I travelled to New England, USA* where I had always wanted to go. I thought to myself that travelling to a new country with lots of new foods was a great time to practice my new found skills in letting go of control and learning to listen to myself. New England was beautiful, and I think it helped I was working on Organic Farms and just felt so at peace there. I really want to go back.

When I started to eat whatever I wanted, without cravings or bingeing, I knew I had healed my relationship with food. I began to go exploring and living a fuller life.

I was finally friends with myself, and friends with food too.

It really is the best feeling. Because I’ve been there, I know how frustrating it is to have people say “Just eat when you’re hungry!” in response to your frustration at your weight. Or when nutritionists and diet books keep pushing you to ‘simply stick with the plan’. Don’t they know how difficult that is when food is your comfort from the discomfort you feel about yourself each day?

This is why you won’t find any meal plans with the Eat Happy Method. In fact, the focus isn’t really on food at all – but on you!

I realized I needed to make peace with me first, before I found peace with food.

I can now be found eating all sorts of yummy foods, and I don’t feel guilt or shame over eating, or who I am. I now stand up in front of people and share my experiences openly, because I have worked (and still do the work) of accepting myself.

I’m a very practical person, and although I love philisophical and psychological insights into how we behave as people, I also like step by step approaches to help shift our eating! I can relate to that feeling of just wanting to be thin! And even reading this, I’m sure you’re asking “But will this make me lose weight?” I get it! I’ve been there.

But take a chance on a different way, what if you put the idea of ‘thin’ and ‘weightloss’ away for a moment, and decided to take a radical step in another direction? What if I told you that liking yourself is the first step you must take to find complete balance with food?

I know, you would think that was crazy! You might be thinking, “I’ve got a good job, a happy family, I’m a good person. I haven’t got an eating disorder, I just don’t have very good food habits! I’m sure there’s some missing link about why I can’t lose weight!”

I know you, I’ve been where you are! You are nose deep in a diet book, or a healthy cooking book, and you’re looking for the answers in there.

You think that just a bit more rules and firmness with yourself will help. Sometimes you punish yourself. And you often live with guilt.

This is not what I want for you. I know you are a good person, a kind woman, a sweet girl. But it’s time to raise your voice, be heard, be a bit more you, and bring some more of that kick ass attitude I know you have, to the surface! Because I never wanted to rock the boat. I wanted to be meek, and unseen, and a food issue kept my head down. But you are here, on this Earth, for a reason. And it’s not to be hidden away. I want to know who you are, I want to talk to you, I want to pour you a coffee and find out how amazingly powerful you really are!

So are you ready to stop searching for answers on a single digit on the scale? And you ready to take a brave step forwards so food can become enjoyable with no guilt? And are you finally ready to make friends with yourself, so you can shelve the shame and live with attitude? Your awesome life is here to be lived!

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