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Is the Eat Happy Course for me?

Have you had the thought that you’d like to attend the Eat Happy Course – but you’re just not sure if it’s for you?

I’m here to answer some worries you may have!

“I’m too shy for a group programme like this!”

  • I totally get it! But did you know the course is comprised of a small number of super supportive and friendly individuals who probably feel just like you? You can engage and participate as much, or as little as you like with your camera on or off. I have attended courses where I have kept my camera off and just used the chat box – and that option is available to you too – all the way through the course. I’ve had participants join and stay silent at the start, and then, gaining comfort and confidence as the course goes on end up joining in and becoming a valued member of the group.

“I don’t know if I can afford this right now”

  • Money woes – I hear you. I’ve run this course many times now and I used to offer it for a ridiculously cheap price that really undersold it. I have now put the price at a better reflection of what the true value for this course is. I mean, once I had participants tell me “This has changed my life!” I knew I had to price it better. Because the course fee has gone up (and it will stay this fee for 2021 – but will go up again in 2022) I am now offering instalment plans of 2 or 3 payments spread out over 2 or 3 months. I haven’t found the right app to take these payments yet, so for now I’m using PayPal to invoice the payments, but I know that gives people some breathing room. The fee is currently £320, but you have a juicy 15% discount code that you have until June 1st to use! (earlybird15) Taking the course fee down to £305 and yes, you can use the instalment plan with the discounted fee too.

“I don’t know if this is right for me”

  • You might not think you actively diet, but the chances are your relationship with food needs some help. You might constantly feel guilt and shame over your food choices, and find yourself bingeing through the afternoon on biscuits and chocolate or crisps even though you’re desperate to eat well and look after yourself. You might be worried that stopping control will mean you feel crazy around food!

The course is here to guide you step by step towards peace with food so that:

  • You can really truly eat without dieting – and feel balanced and in control around food
  • You won’t need food rules anymore
  • No nagging voice when you eat
  • You can decide what to eat easily without books and plans
  • No need for apps or trackers
  • You’ll feel calm and peaceful in your day to day life, not just around food – but being yourself
  • Feel your self-esteem rise each day as you learn to like who you are
  • More energy (because you’re not wasting time on food plans!)
  • You’ll learn to be in the moment with your friends, family, kids and stop counting steps or calories when you’re out walking or eating with them
  • You’ll be able to make decisions off the menu that are right for you without needing guilt or shame to guide you.

I mean this is the tip of the iceberg, I didn’t even mention confidence, courage and bravery to be your best self and live your boldest life!

Do you have any concerns that I haven’t addressed here? If so, contact me here and I will help you!

If you’re ready to eat happy and feel good about who you are – here’s the booking link for you, and don’t forget your discount code: earlybird15 for that 15% off!

Rebecca x

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