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Are you ready to become an intuitive eater?

If you are sick of food rules controlling your life, you might be ready to embrace intuitive eating and quitting dieting habits for good.

You might currently be stuck in the dieting trap of:

  • Counting calories
  • Keeping a food journal, or tracking all foods on an app
  • Feeling super confused over what you should be eating
  • Desperate to lose weight
  • Stepping on the scales each day, and being critical when you see yourself in the mirror

I know what this is like, because I used to do all of these things myself. Dieting doesn’t lead to happiness, it just creates more self-dislike, self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Life is pretty short, and we’ve been sold a lie by the diet industry that to enjoy life you have to have small trousers. Pursuing thinness at the cost of living a happy life right now is NOT living!

You have dreams, wants, wishes, goals and desires about how you want to feel and what you want to do. You might want to pursue further education, you might want to go travelling – you might just want to go through one day without hating yourself and what you look like.

I’m really proud of The Eat Happy Course because I know it helps people feel better about who they are, as well as learning how to have a happy and peaceful relationship with food.

The course involves a small group of people working through 8 modules over 6 weeks guided by myself – Rebecca (the Eat Happy Coach). Each week we work on bringing awareness to dieting behaviours and patterns around food. We look at mindsets and the shifts that need to happen to let go of the old, painful, and restrictive way of relating to food – and life.

Then, together, we embark on a new way of being – through learning skills and paradigm shifting ways of thinking that allow for a peaceful and calm relationship with food to blossom.

I guide course participants to think differently about food rules and what they really need in their lives to flourish. Together, we raise self-esteem and self-belief, and the energy in the group is palpable! You can feel the excitement and the joy of coming out of that old diet trap, into the light and into an exciting new chapter!

We work on looking at how to eat in real life. How to navigate your food world and avoid the traps set out by the diet industry that exist to make you feel rubbish about yourself. The course is ultimately about you feeling good about yourself, so safeguarding your sacred self-esteem and wellbeing is super duper important.

Eating happy means keeping your precious energy for the life you want to grow for yourself. It’s about believing in the best for you and wanting good things to happen in your life. Eating happy is about knowing you are a worthy and worthwhile person who deserves love, kindness and respect and that you know that you can live a good life right now. Eating happy means you are brave, courageous and ready for your life to be an adventure! You don’t want petty and small food rules dictating your decisions anymore, you value freedom and a life lived on your own terms. You want food to be a natural, easy, joyous part of your every day. Where you can embrace deliciousness, sit with the pleasure of food and not be scared by it. You know food doesn’t control you anymore, because you are friends with it – it makes you feel good and that feel-good energy ripples out to the rest of your creative life where you make your dreams happen.

The course begins this June! And there’s an early bird discount (earlybird15) available to you right now.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me! You can find me at or across all social media platforms.

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