Intuitive eating concerns
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Won’t I Get Fat if I Quit Dieting?

This is something I hear very often from prospective clients.

“I’m worried about my health if I eat intuitively”

“Won’t I just balloon if I do intuitive eating?”

“It can’t be good for me to not have food rules, surely?”


These are the concerns from people who:

  • Binge eat an entire cake on a Sunday before their diet on a Monday
  • Feel resistant to exercise because they ‘feel too fat’
  • Hide their eating by secretly eating all the children’s snacks in the pantry
  • Promise themselves they’ll fast tomorrow
  • Be so starving that they’ll eat everything in sight
eating intuitively top worries and concerns



Are these behaviours healthy?

Is what you’re doing now conducive to a happy, comfortable existence in your body?


No! > Because dieting makes you eat in an out-of-control fashion, eat everything in sight, resist movement and feel worse and worse.


These are the top myths about intuitive eating:

  • That you won’t stop eating
  • That you’ll not prioritize health
  • That you’ll gain weight
  • That you’ll be uncontrollable around food

STOP! Reality Check Time >>

These are all the things that happen with DIETING!


Dieting and tight food control lead to:


Unhealthy behaviours

Unhealthy yo-yo weight

And a super negative mental health state where you fear food and can’t trust yourself.



Eating happily means food freedom baby. You’ll be able to eat what you want in a way that nourishes you, feels good, that’s sustainable and – what else, oh yes… delicious!


Eating without dieting and embracing the Eat Happy Way is the best thing I’ve ever done for my food relationship.

I’m never going to diet again because once you’re free, there’s no way you’re going to go back into that horrible little trap again!


What worries do you have? What is holding you back? Let me know!


Intuitive eating concerns

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