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Are you an unconscious dieter?

Is it possible that you are dieting, without even knowing it?

There’s only a slight difference between actively following a diet plan, and unconscious dieting. A diet plan has rules to follow, and maybe a group to attend or it lasts two weeks and there are specific food rules.

Dieting and unconscious dieting can mean that you are always aiming for food to either promote weight loss or avoid weight gain, you are still keeping a mental tab of some food numbers, you are abiding by a mish mash of food rules – yet because you aren’t writing it down, or actively feeling that you are now on a diet, you don’t think you are dieting.

These under the radar rules can lead you to feel guilty, drained, confused and unhappy with your eating and how you look.

Not ideal!

How can you really tell though?

Here’s where you play detective. Because at the moment you might be like the proverbial fish that doesn’t know it’s swimming in water. So it’s time to question your thoughts.

“I shouldn’t have eaten that” – is that true? Is that a thought based on diet rules, or based on how you feel after eating?

“Urgh, my belly is too big” – who says? Do you think diet culture has made you think only thin bellies are acceptable? Do you know or love or care or follow anyone who doesn’t have a flat stomach, and you don’t find it a problem for them?

“I need to lose 10lbs!” – why? Here you might justify this with health concerns, but the reality is that you obsessing over those 10lbs is a diet culture thought, and you need to heal your relationship with food without focusing on weight or health here.

“I’ll go for a run to burn off these calories” – Is there no other benefit to running other than the tired old diet trope of calories in, calories out? (My most hated piece of diet culture ‘advice’). Your body is not a machine. It’s not fuel in, fuel out. That’s a very narrow and disrespectful way of viewing your body. It’s not calories in, calories out. It’s delicious food in – and forget the ‘out’ bit. The rest you do because you want to enjoy moving your body, or keeping your heart strong, or aiding in recovery from an injury or mental health benefits, or feeling more awake and less sluggish, and enjoying the fact your body can move in that way!

It’s hard to look at your thoughts like this without some perspective.

Do take a look at my workshops and courses to see if there are any upcoming ones that can help you shoo out those tired old diet thoughts and welcome in some new, intentional, kinder thoughts for you!



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