3 Eat Happy Challenges for you to try

Sometimes I feel I often tell people what NOT to do, so here are some things you can actually try instead!
I framed them in the context of a challenge, as moving away from dieting and actually eating foods that were previously off limits can definitely feel like a challenge!
And as with a challenge, it certainly feels great when you accomplish it!


So for this little no pressure ‘try this at home’ you can do the following:


1. Look after yourself!

Yup – really important and often neglected when you restrict your eating. You sorta think that when you’re slim or you can fit into your jeans again, THEN you will be nice to yourself and do all that self-care stuff.

But if you don’t do it now, you’ll rely on food to help you feel better, and we know where that leads! A sticky emotional cycle of guilt and low moods.


2. Eat Your Off Limit Foods – Without Being Mean to Yourself After!

This really changes the game. If you eat something, with FULL awareness, and you CHOOSE to do it, you feel a lot different. Go on, try this. Choose something that you usually feeling guilty eating, and really EAT IT.

Afterwards, sit with all the feelings that may arise, and let them be there. For extra bonus points, see if you can say some nice things to yourself as well.


“This isn’t going to hurt me”

“This is better for my mental health”

“Eating this and being kind to myself will help me find balance eventually”


3.  Play with the Words HAVE TO.

This is an odd one, but go with me here.

How many times do you say to yourself; “Don’t eat it, don’t think about it. Don’t do it! What’s wrong with you!”?

Just try saying, “I HAVE to eat this, I HAVE to eat it all, I HAVE to eat more of it!”

I’m just going to leave that there – but seriously, please try it!

If you did and you found it interesting, let me know how it went over on Instagram






Rebecca x

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