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How to trust yourself Around Food

Self-trust is so important for many things in life – eating being one of them!
So many of us have broken self-trust around food and eating. Meaning we lose confidence in our ability to eat in balance.
This happened to me, and it took some time to recover from.
We break self-trust by going against what we know is right in our selves, and placing our faith in food rules that reside outside of ourselves – i.e. a diet, or food rules imposed on us from culture.
Broken self-trust around food shows up as:
* Food fear
* Obsessive thoughts about food or weight or appearances
* Calorie counting or keeping any track of food numbers via any sort of tracker
* Pre-planning food (in the week or at restaurants) beyond what is really necessary.
* Binge eating, overeating, restrictive eating and purging.
Do take a look at 1:1 Coaching options here at Eat Happy so that you can find that trust again. Yes, you can grow it back yourself, but with my expertise you will get it back faster and stronger so you can trust yourself to eat! This means you’ll be able to eat out, travel, have previously banned food in the house without bingeing on them – and get your life back again. Discover who you were meant to be before an unhappy relationship with food took over your life.
Look after yourself,
Rebecca x
How to Trust Yourself Around Food - Eat Happy

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