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8 Things to do When You Feel Like binge Eating

In this short blog I’m going to share things you can do when the urge to binge takes over. You can use some of these suggestions even when you are compulsively or impulsively bingeing, but they are best used as early as possible in the binge.


1. Give yourself full permission to binge

I speak about this a LOT on this blog and in my workshops, but giving yourself permission to binge is vital if you want to eventually come to find balance with your eating. I mean, has your control ever really stopped a binge? Has your criticism ever led you to go “Ooh that feels better, I don’t feel like eating now.”


2. Plan exactly what you want to eat

What! Yeah, you heard me correctly. If you’re going to eat, then EAT. And you might as well think about that a bit, because it’s probably going to happen. The thing with a binge is that you play a game with yourself. It’s like you pretend that it’s not going to happen and you wait until the binge takes over and decides what to eat for you. Does that resonate? However, you can take ownership over a binge – which is very strange indeed. But if you think you’re going to binge, trying to hide, and pretend it won’t happen is painful. So think, what would you eat later on if you were to binge? The whole cake? What would happen if you actually accounted for that happening? What would be different do you think?


3. Don’t try to stop yourself bingeing in the moment

In the middle of the binge is the worst time to bring out all the control and the guilt. It’s happening! You are eating, you are sweating, you are stuffed, you are in pain – and I’ve been there. As a binge eater, I would scream at myself inside “What are you doing! Stop it! Why are you doing this?! I hate myself, why can’t I stop!”

But those words are painful when you’re doing the thing. So, as hard as this is to do, I wonder if you could try it. Can you try to allow a binge that’s already happening? Can you let it run its course without trying to catch it with a net?


4. Use the compulsive time to say kind things

As you can see above, I certainly didn’t say nice things to myself when I was bingeing. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, although, it probably will be the case most of the time. However, if you can start working on saying kind things to yourself most days, it can also become part of a compulsive episode. What could you say to yourself when you feel strong binge urges? If you’re stuck, you can try my 10 Day Affirmation Challenge here.


5. Understand your binge is here to teach you something

This is the real deal! You ain’t bingeing for no reason beautiful. That binge is happening FOR you, not TO you. It will teach you SO much if you let it become your teacher. Can you really connect with yourself? Well, if not – a binge will show you how to do that.


6. Check the diet speak

Every day, in every way – make sure you are not absorbing stupid diet messages. Block, delete, mute your way out of the maze of dieting messages around you. No social media account, no before or afters, no adverts, no magazines, no diet speak in your messenger groups. Weight loss will not be your topic of conversation!


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7. Open your journal and pour out your feelings

Get writing – as often as possible. Write write write write – just write! Check out my blogs on journaling if you need more reasons why this is a brilliant tool to help you get balanced with your bingeing.

8. Feel what you feel in a physical way (don’t close down).

You can feel your emotions in your body – but when you don’t have a good relationship with your body, that isn’t easy to do. Often, when we start to get tense, or hungry, or angry – we go into our heads or run away into the fridge – anything, but really feeling those feelings. Can you sit with small feelings as they arise? Aches, tiredness, energy? Can you feel some small part of your feelings so you can better accept the bigger emotions when they happen?

I hope you found this short list useful, do check out my workshops on Bingeing if you want more support in breaking free from bingeing.

Take care! Rebecca x

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