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How to Set Intentions to Create a Life You Love


Intentions are powerful things. Without them, we might rely on goals, or willpower and they don’t work very well on the whole. (Read more about why willpower isn’t working for you here and here).


What are intentions?


They are value based, emotion driven beliefs and dreams.

They don’t rely on logic, but more on what drives you.


Here is a good example of the power of intentions.

Let’s say that I want to earn £200. I can’t earn it just by wishing I had £200 in my hand.

I can certainly work towards getting £200 if I think of goals to make that happen.

But at the end of the day, even if I did things in line with getting money, I don’t actually have any control over getting that money! Making money is going to be a result of what I do.

And what I do is going to be easy, when I have an intention based plan.

If I set an intention of helping people in as many ways as I can, whilst also looking after myself – I create much more favourable conditions to allow money to come into my life. But as that isn’t my focus, and helping people is my focus, then I feel good when I feel like I’ve helped someone! If I only focused on making money, I’d feel bad that the person I helped didn’t pay me.

I would have turned a positive experience into a negative one, just because I didn’t align myself to a positive intention.

Do you see the power of intentions? They can really work WITH goals and plans and dreams. But you need intentions, because they create the environment in which you then plan some steps.


how to set intentions
Good news – intentions don’t require a boatload of willpower!

Woop, woop!

As you can see from the example above, if you do things in line with a value for you, you’ll do them with much more ease and less requirement for willpower.

Listen, willpower IS important. I’m here writing a way a whole host of blog posts today, because that is in alignment with my intention to live the Eat Happy philosophy, which is to help people feel good about themselves.

But believe me, I procrastinated and did require willpower to sit myself down on the chair, as well as not turning to my phone every 5 minutes. (I’m getting there!)

But the feeling of writing these words is exciting to me because I love that I get to live my dream of helping people. Intentions for the win again!



How to set an intention that works for you


Have you got a goal to wake up early and go running? Or have you got a goal along these lines?

If you don’t wake up early because you’re a night owl, this is going to be a struggle for you.


What if you set the intention of becoming the sort of person that works out every day.


This means that you have flexibility to be YOU, work with yourself, but also do what you really want for yourself.

Sometimes being specific helps. But sometimes, broader intentions with feelings and hopes attached to them can create a good outcome.

I have the intention or resolution to move my body every day for 20 minutes. The intention behind it is to look after myself and make this an easy thing to do. I don’t always need to go into the details, but if I do need to plan more, that’s easy because my intention to move as often as I can is already set, and that’s all I need to do is figure out the smaller steps.


If you need more help in setting this intention for yourself then you might be interested in my online workshop called Intention Setting: Create a Life you Love on March 26th.


I hope this allowed you to see that intentions are kind, fun, and easy to create.


If you have any questions, hit me up anytime.

Rebecca x



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