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How to Create Your Best Year Yet with Easy Changes You Can Do Right Now


I love habit change. And I’m good at it because I need to practice it all the time! I am someone prone to procrastination, wasting time on social media, and not doing what I say I would. This means I’m the perfect lazy guinea pig to try out new tools, skills and techniques that help me create and be productive.

In this blog post I am going to share with you easy little changes you can start right now, today, to have a better tomorrow and in turn, feel good for longer.



Set Action Triggers for a better tomorrow


I first learned about Action Triggers when I read the book Switch! By Chip and Dan Heath. I tried it and it worked straight away.

Previously to using action triggers, I would say I’d like to meditate or go for a run – but I just wouldn’t do them.

You use action triggers last thing at night when you need to do things the next day. You think about what you’d like to do and you imagine yourself going through the steps to make it happen.

If you want to go for a run, you see yourself getting your shoes and putting in your earbuds. You can imagine where you’d go for a run and how long it would take. Go through what you want, step by step, in your mind the night before.

When you wake up the next day, you’ll remember what you wanted and you’ll find it easier to do it, because you’ve sorta already done it. It flows much easier when you don’t have to rely on a tired brain the next day to put it all together.



Begin an easy Gratitude Practice


Feeling gratitude is the fastest way to be joyful and content. It’s also impossible to be angry when you feel grateful.

If you want to create a good year for yourself, gratitude should be high up on your list.

But your gratitude practice can be super easy! Small steps, as I write about in this post, are what win to create good habits.

The act of pairing habits, comes from Gretchen Rubin’s book – Better that Before. She talks about how if you want to exercise, you do it when you watch your favourite programme.

With starting a gratitude practice, you can link a grateful thought in with a daily action.

  • Making a cup of tea
  • As you park your car
  • Tying your shoe laces


All of these can be linked with saying one positive thing.

Which daily action that is already an established habit or routine could you piggy back a grateful sentiment onto?



Have fun creating vision boards


If you want to live your best life ever, a vision board can help! But it’s not just pasting a pile of pictures onto cardstock that makes things different, it’s actually looking at your vision board often (daily if possible), and drawing up the feelings that those images create.

If you want to go on holidays, seeing a picture of a beach is great. But imagining yourself relaxing and sinking your feet into sand makes the picture come alive.

Visualization can work because we feel emotions, not because we think logical thoughts.

And although doing this one thing is a good step to create change in your life, it will be strengthened if you pair it with the power of intention setting.


how to create a life you love right now


Dream bigger with intention setting


Intention setting is about creating a vision, but also seeing the steps you need to take to make it happen.

You can set long term intentions, and short term ones. Intentions work well with planning and goals, but intentions are the most important because they connect to WHY you want to do things.

This is the great thing about intentions. They matter to you. They mean something to you.

To set a small easy intention, think about how you’d like to feel tomorrow, or at the end of next week.

What did you feel?

That is an intention. You can turn inwards and find that you have a lot of the answers there for you.

Take it a step further.

What would help you feel that way at the end of the week?

And that’s another intention right there.

Goals and willpower can be too clinical. If you want to create positive change, look within. You’ve already got the answers.

If that made you feel excited and you want to know more about intention setting, then you’re in luck!

I’m hosting an online workshop called Intention Setting: Create a Life you Love on March 26th. Booking is now open, and I’d love to see you there for an exciting 2 hour workshop on making your life a good one through mapping out the steps to your dreams.

We’ll look at your personality, your values and your mindset to create intentions that work FOR you (and not against you). Ill also help you create a powerful vision to live by through visualization and dream tools!


Rebecca x


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