Common concerns about attending an Eat happy course or workshop

Are you thinking about attending an Eat Happy Course or Workshop?

I know coming along to something that discusses food issues can be a sensitive topic, but I’m here to reassure you that the courses and workshops are super relaxed, chilled out, friendly and really informative. Do you have any of these concerns? If you do, a few share the same as you:

Concern #1: Who will be there?

The courses attract lovely, kind and friendly people. Just like you. The courses are aimed at women, but the workshops may be mixed, but women make up most of my audience most of the time.

They range in age from their late twenties to mid fifties.

I keep the courses small, around 4 – 8 participants. The workshops can sometimes be up to 15 people. If you are concerned, just contact me if you want to know who is at the course.

          Small group

          Remember, the course is only 5 hours and the workshops are around 2 hours.

          20% discount for two people if you come together to make you feel more comfortable

          People are usually local from Cardiff to Bristol.

          Must fill in a questionnaire before attending.

Concern #2: Will people have the same worries or the same eating issues as me?

You’re not alone in thinking this.

          Others will feel a tad apprehensive – but I’m lovely, so you don’t need to worry too much!

          Others will definitely wonder if they are the only ones feeling like they do about eating

          Everyone will wonder if they can be the only ones who might be shy about sharing or talking up

          The main issues and struggles people who attend the Eat Happy course have are:

  •     Don’t know how to eat without dieting
  •    Overeating and binge eating
  • Obsessive, constant thoughts and worries about eating

          It is not recommended for people with active anorexia or bulimia to attend. However, if one has been in recovery for over 3 years (and has sought therapy or counselling) then they will find the course useful and helpful. It is not a replacement for therapy.

Concern #3: Not sure if I can afford it?

The courses and workshops are incredible value for what you get. I aim to keep my prices as reasonable as possible but I do have to factor in the venue hire, my expenses and travel. Food won’t be available on the ticket price, but some of my workshops will have complimentary teas and coffees. I always aim to support local or independent businesses. So any food or beverages you purchase will go to support another small business.

Keep in mind:

          For the cost of one massage you gain skills that can change things for life

          Actually the prices are going to go up in Spring 2020 so now is a great a time as any

Concern #4: Will there be a range of body sizes?

Yes there will be, remember:

          Course participants come in all shapes and sizes.

          Disordered and unhappy eating comes in all shapes and sizes, so reserve judgement as struggles happen in all bodies.

Concern #5:  Will this heal my relationship with food for good? What will I get out of this?

          You will get notes and exercises to take with you, as well as some resources sent out digitally too

          You will definitely get a new understanding of eating and you’ll be equipped with new tools to try out straight away

          You will have put yourself on the path of healing with this course, and the feedback from previous participants has been amazing.

People delight in being to eat what they want without feeling out of control. People report enjoying kinder self-talk and less pressure and worries around food.

Past course participants also share of how they are able to keep their wellbeing and wellness in focus without being obsessive, or all or nothing about it.

 Concern #6: Do I have to share my life story? Is this confidential?

          Share only what you’re comfortable with, or not at all. Please know you can refuse to answer any thing or even talk! You can take notes only, if you prefer. So no pressure there at all.

          It’s only as confidential as you make it. Please don’t share anything you’re not ready to, not only because we can’t guarantee confidentiality (although I never disclose anything unless you or someone close to you is at risk of harm).

          Others may not be ready to hear what you have to say, and may not be a great sounding board for you. Talk to me beforehand if there are any issues you’d like me to be aware of.



Concern #7: What are the venues like?

          I choose small, independent businesses where possible. I go for quirky coffee shops, wellbeing centres or community halls.

          I try to make sure there’s parking close by.

          However, some of the venues are not wheelchair accessible, so you’ll need to let me know of any mobility issues before booking so I can offer something else if possible.

          Many of the venues I choose will have a good range of food to suit all dietary needs. If you have any allergies or intolerances, I would most definitely recommend that you contact me or the venue beforehand to make sure you’ll be catered for at the chosen venue.

I hope that answers some of your thoughts around booking onto the courses or workshops.

Take a look at what I’ve got going on here and I will look forwards to seeing you at an Eat Happy event soon!

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