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New Year – Same You

Is this the year that you are going to resist making unattainable goals and resolutions? I hope so!

2020 looks like such a neat looking year already – why ruin it with more negativity around your body?  Why not take the chance to change something from within; your relationship with yourself?

Because here’s the dealio – you may lose weight, eat a certain way of eating, or stick with going to the gym, but you (the true you inside) stays the same! Pretty much. We all change, but your essence of yourself remains.

This is a great opportunity to dig deep and discover who you are, and appreciating what you find at your core.

Instead of a weight loss goal that may be based in not feeling good enough –  why not try some of these New Year aims instead?


Word of the year

I did this last year, and it really helped focus my mind for many months. Way longer than a long list of resolutions did.

My word of the year for 2019 was Ambitious.  I wanted to be brave to run courses, try new things and put myself out there more. I did a lot of these. They weren’t set goals from the beginning. I just gathered up things that would help make that more of a reality as the months went by. I admit that perhaps by the end of the year the word wasn’t front of mind. Or maybe the word had served its purpose! A good chance then to maybe even have a second midyear word!

My word for 2020 is Visible.

The words are definitely related to my business. I have had coaching this year and some great support, and it’s time for me to put myself out there like never before. My website is looking great, my work is more streamlined, and I’m going to gather my resources to get me some extra training to help make Eat Happy a great success for 2020.

What could your word of the year be? I’d love to know. Please come and join in the Eat Happy Group and let me know!


Intention setting is a great tool for getting stuff done, but without the ‘right/wrong/win/lose’ mentality that can come with goals. Intentions can keep growing. Goals that are met tend to end. Intentions are like walking a path, rather than rushing to the end. What are the kinds of paths you want to walk this year?

Do you have intentions to be kind to yourself? What does that look like?

Intention setting and journaling go hand in hand. My experiment for 2020 is to try bullet journaling, and weave that into my intention setting.

You can have categories for different sets of intentions, like; money, work, relationships, body, self-development.

What area do you want to see yourself grow in?



Instead of goals based in shame or goals that are conditional (only liking yourself if you look or eat a certain way) why not give affirmations a go this year?

They can become a daily or weekly habit and will change you and your life in a far more powerful way than willing yourself to behave differently because you don’t think you’re good enough.

Positive affirmations are about believing that you are good enough and totally acceptable just as you are today. This is one of the strongest beliefs you can have for radical self-development.

Hating on yourself is so last decade. Move into the 20’s with compassion for yourself and see what a fantastic difference it makes to you on every level of your personal life.

Can you tell I’m a fan?

I’ve set up a 10 day Affirmation Challenge, and you can sign up to it now. Each day you’ll get an affirmation and a reminder of how to use it!




This is a fun one to experiment with in the New Year. Rather than telling yourself that you’ll dress a certain way, or try a class only when you look the way you think is acceptable – why not start to express yourself today, just as you are?

Self-expression can mean what you wear or how you look, but it can also mean what you might try; a dance class, or a sewing group, or a book club perhaps?

Maybe you’ll quit following social media that makes you feel crap, and follow others who are living their life with integrity and authenticity to their true selves.

Maybe it’s letting your hair grey, or dyeing it a new colour? Maybe it’s asking someone on a date, or going traveling solo?

The New Year doesn’t have to mean a new you. A new year is a new opportunity to find yourself, accept yourself and love yourself anew! Yes – in that order.

Have a really Happy New Year!

Remember, eat happy – live happy!

Rebecca x


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