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What exactly is dieting?

what is dieting



You’ll have heard me say the words diet, diet-trap, dieting and diet headspace a fair few times on this blog. So what do I mean when I say the words diet and dieting?

I often say diet to of course refer to its actual meaning – the way of eating of a culture, individual or society.

But on this blog, diet will often refer to ‘weight loss diet’. Meaning; following a plan of eating for intentional weight loss.





This sort of ‘diet’ will consist of:
  • Counting some food numbers
  • Tracking food via an app or journal
  • Weighing and measuring the body
  • Banning some food groups

But diet and dieting and diet headspace can also mean something other than this willpower driven exercise in sticking to certain foods each day.



Often, dieting and diet-headspace mean:
  • Thinking about food all day
  • Belief in a right way and a wrong way to eat
  • Controlling food, even though you don’t always know what you’re controlling
  • Feeling bad for eating certain foods
  • A belief in calories in vs. calories out (i.e. you exercise to ‘make up’ for eating a certain way)
  • Tracking food, even without a particular reason
  • Weighing yourself daily regardless of your size or weight
  • Not enjoying food because you think it’s not good
  • Overly concerned with health and disease and believe they are completely connected to food and eating


All of these thoughts means that our minds and our thinking have been taken over by dieting. I.e. The dieting headspace. This is what I refer to most of all on this website.

This means that we don’t have to actively follow any plan at all. No cabbage soup, no low carb, no points or syn; yet we are riddled with negative thoughts about weight, body, food and eating.

If you read this blog and see the word ‘dieting’ – you can pretty much swap it directly with the words ‘unhappy relationship with food’


Diets can cause:
  •  Food obsession
  • Weight gain
  • Preoccupation with looks and body,
  • Feeling negative about eating anything at all!


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