the connection between your weight and your mindset

You may want to actively lose weight but it’s not happening.

I want to share with you some things you may not have considered that could be stopping you from releasing the weight you wish you could let go of.

  • You still think diets work

You still hold by the idea that only regimented eating is what gets fat off your body. You still place stock in the idea of struggling with tough plans, as if an easy way of eating doesn’t get results. Further, you may still think that calories and points or other food numbers are what you must focus on in order to see pounds drop. Oh, and that reminds me – you weigh yourself and your food religiously too.This is stopping you losing weight because none of these things matter when it comes to weight loss.Eating can be pleasurable, easy and plentiful and you can still lose weight. Seriously.

And when you look at things like calories, you can easily forget to look at the quality of the food.

Think of it like this, a healthy body can find balance much more efficiently that one that isn’t nourished. When people diet, food quality can often go down. I implore you to stop counting calories and stop being frightened of whole and natural fat.

  • You stress about your eating (and other stuff)

As with above, your eating is stressing you out. You worry if you ate too much of the wrong thing and you don’t like to relax if you are eating something you know you’re ‘not supposed to’.

You may be tightly wound about other stuff too and all of this stress does not a happy balanced body make!

Cortisol, our stress hormone, is a wonderful little fat storer. Calm, clear and at peace is the perfect mindset to reach your balanced weight. This is why sstress eating is so counterproductive. You’re not enjoying the food and you’re stressing about it. Whereas you could enjoy the flavours and hold no guilt after. This is a better mindset to have if you want to let go of excess weight.

  • You have gotten stuck in a familiar but unhelpful loop

This is basically the dieting cycle and it becomes a case of ‘better the devil you know’ over time. The more you diet, and the more you fall off with some serious comfort eating, the more the pattern instills itself. Weirdly, although you may say you hate this pattern – it is oddly reassuring (as most familiar habits are). Therefore, to really make a change, you have to take one heck of a leap out of the dieting loop and into another way of relating to food. The thing is, what you really need to look at, and what I teach with Eat Happy, is you need to look at your own mindset. This is unlikely what you’ve been focusing on, but it’s what needs to change for you to see a change in your body!

  • You are just looking at the outcome, and not the process

When we focus on something down the line, be it a slimmer body, or the end of the blasted diet, we forget to live for today. This means that we are not really engaging in what we are doing. But when you let go of the outcome, sometimes it happens by natural consequence of engaging in whatever brings you joy. I promise you that if you start looking at what really brings you joy and engage in that wholeheartedly you’ll find yourself living the life you have been waiting for and this brings you happiness today, rather than waiting to receive it upon reaching some imposed condition you’ve placed on yourself.

  • You actually don’t want to be slim (you fear it!)

Finally, you may hold some deep seated fears about being the slim person you say you want to become. I know this can happen because I felt this way myself. I had put a lot of pressure on ‘thin me’ that I was waiting to become. Thin me would be happy, confident, successful and people would pay her lots of attention. The thing is, I found many of those ideas quite terrifying! If you don’t address your core beliefs around this, you’ll find plenty of ways to self-sabotage yourself. The secret is of course to learn to accept who you really are. I’ve made a video of this if you want to check it out!

What do you think? I didn’t talk about food here, but do you think you can see yourself here?

Look after yourself,