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25 Ways To Feel More Positive!

Feeling like things aren’t going your way? I’ve been there. And I’m not saying you should NOT feel sad, or down. I think we should honour the hell out of those feelings. But would you agree that sometimes you can get stuck in a funk? A bad mood that has run its course? Or feeling like you’re slipping into bad habits? This list is about those sticky moments and how to make sure the low turns around before it hits a real rocky patch


1.    Go for a walk

Green spaces are where it’s at. Get out there, among the trees and the blue skies (bonus points if you take off your shoes) and make sure you leave your worries at home. In nature, let yourself just BE.

2.    Put on some super pumping music

You know it – music is a mood changer.  Plan ahead, and get a playlist made especially for down days. No soppy love songs, make it high vibe and jumping!

3.   Have a cuddle

With yourself, a partner, a pet, a friend, a family member – or get a massage. Some physical touch can be just the ticket. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug!

4.   Write it down

Your worries and low moods should never be bottled up. They can be toxic when left to ruminate. So bring them out into the light of day via a notebook (I am a big fan of actually using a pen and paper) and get them out, out, out!

5.   Get in the garden

And I mean IN the garden. Roll up your sleeves and plant up some seeds or bulbs or pull some weeds. For five minutes even. Never underestimate the power of 2 minutes. Small changes are actually MASSIVE!

6.   Have a coffee date

Sometimes we fall into the habit of letting friendships fall by the wayside. But a strong network (even of just a couple) of friends is vital for your overall wellbeing. Make a standing date with a couple of friends, as sometimes finding one good day a month to connect is easier to stick to than constantly chasing a suitable date!

7.    Sweat it out

10 burpees, run up the stairs, or 2 minutes of squatting can make a big shift in mood. Energy makes energy! So get it flowing.

8.   Family time

If you haven’t seen the famalam for a while, why not check in and see how their doing? Even if you don’t get the chance to vent, let them chat about their stuff and be a ear to them.

9.   List it, plan it, sort it

Negativity can get worse if we have no plans or no action points to follow. So get a list made, make a plan and see if that helps you focus on the next stages.


    10. What’s the worst that could happen?

Seriously? Think it through – what’s the worst? And could you plan some steps that could improve even that situation? I think you could, you ingenious creative you! If you know that even in the toughest time you’ve got at least one idea of what would keep you afloat, you can rest a little easier.

11.  What would you tell a friend?

If a friend came to you feeling like you do now, what would you say? How would you offer support or comfort? Speak it out loud, maybe it’s what you need to hear.

12. Visit a new place

A change of scenery can be pretty revitalizing. And this is quite a cheap way to change your mood. You can simply walk around this new location and take it all in, then go home!

13. Gratitude for the win

When we feel all woe-is-me, we forget how abundant our lives actually are. If you are reading this, you can read, you have a device to access and you are alive. Three things to be grateful for right off the bat. Look around, what have you got around you now that you can be grateful for? FEEL it.

14. Snuggle Up

If you are tired – REST. It’s not a bad thing to slow down y’know. Pick a movie, get a blanket, get a hot chocolate and just stop will ya? Otherwise your body will say NO.

15. Work, create, make, achieve

Lethargy and ennui can come from having not been creative recently. So make something out of nothing. Art, craft, writing, a meal – whatever it is, just MAKE something.

16. Switch if off!

I have recently got a sunrise alarm clock and it is amazing. I made the decision that once I got it the phone would NOT sleep next to me in the bedroom. So now my phone is in the office when I sleep. It is awesome to have my bedtime to myself again. Switch off those devices and have a break!

17. Pin it Up

Get on Pinterest and look at some beautifully inspiring homes or crafts or ideas. Just let your mind wander off your worries for a while.

18. Deep breaths

Shallow breaths lead to low energy – and deep breaths with long exhalations help to relax us. We need to let go of what we are holding onto. Be brave and breathe it out. This can get emotional if you’re feeling super tight. But it means it needs releasing.

19. Pamper time

This is about making a real effort to respect yourself. Don’t do this in the frame of mind that you need to look better and you’re not happy with the current look you have. Make it about caring for yourself. Scrub and buff as if you were caring for your car!

20.  Get in the greens

If you’re feeling low, it’s not always mental – sometimes it’s physical. Up your nourishment by making sure you’re eating plenty of greens, healthy fats, oils and vitamins. Sometimes some simple steamed veg and a bit of fish with butter is comforting and nourishing, and sometimes it’s a frozen smoothie with berries and maca and spirulina. Feed yourself well! No low cal diet crap. You deserve real food.

21. Vision board it

A really lovely way to spend an afternoon. Get printing, or go online and stick some of your dreams in front of you. Otherwise, putting some words around your office or next to your bed can help. See it first and then imagine you are living that life. It really helps to be reminded of your vision often!

22. Challenge time

Challenge yourself to a task you have put off. Can you do it in record time? Can you do it before you have to leave the house? Sometimes a little personal challenge can motivate you! Otherwise, pick a BIG one and make each step invigorate you!

23. Clear it out

Start small. Clean out 1 desk draw. Clean out your handbag. Clean out your car door. Seriously. SMALL STEPS okay? I felt totally different just having sorted out my purse!

24. Feng Shui

Which space do you spend the most time in? Is it nice and relaxing and calming? Get some plants, some pictures and clean it up. Working with some plant pals and fresh air makes a big difference.

25. Aroma Power

Incense, candles, essential oils or perfume are surprisingly strong ways to make you feel different. Sandalwood and musk and very grounding, whereas lavender is soothing, and lemon is uplifting. Surround yourself with beautiful scents to treat yourself with each breath! 



I hope you found these useful! Sometimes it’s good to know we are never stuck. A change of mindset can make a huge difference.

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