Find Food Balance – Free E-Course!


This is exciting! I’ve just written a free e-course for you!

It will show you some key ways to find balance with food, so that you can eat with guilt, without cravings and without sabotage!

It’s about learning some basics of the Eat Happy Method that I teach in all my courses over the UK.



  •   Are You Ready?
Why Are You Unbalanced?
  • The Number 1 Reason For Food Imbalance
  • Your Focus Should Be On This ONE Thing…
  •  5 Things To Get Rid Of – Today!
Finding Food Flexibility
  • Cravings 101
  • Guilt Free Food
Living Life with Balance
  • Goodbye Sabotage
  • Living Life The Way I Wanna!



And I really hope you enjoy it!

Let me know what you think,


Rebecca x