Affirmations for Weight Balance

I love the term ‘Weight Balance’.

What do you think of it?


I believe that we are balanced with our weight when our mindsets are balanced.



Do you agree?


I feel that if we are out of sync with ourselves, and we hold distrust of our feelings and we don’t have a safe homespace in our minds and souls, then our food will be what we turn to.


We turn to it for comfort – because we aren’t comforted inside.

We turn to it to numb out – because our self-talk is too much and too negative.

We turn to food to feel good – because we don’t feel good about ourselves.


And so weight balance? It won’t come from food until you’ve created a kinder inner space.


To that end I’ve created some affirmations for you for weight balance – because they start with inner peace.


To practice them, repeat your favourites every day for up to 5 minutes. You can sit and repeat, or do activities like washing the dishes, or getting dressed and use those times to repeat these affirmations.

This will help you to Eat Happy!

I hope you like them!

Rebecca x