How to tell if you’re really hungry!



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There are so many reasons why we are feeling hungry. It can often feel like a genuine hunger – tummy is gurgling, and we’ve got an appetite. We sneak into the fridge, grab whatever we fancy (yogurt, chocolate chips, and juice). We settle in to munch our way through our raided delights.

And then….

More hunger.

Say what?!

I’ve been there so many times. A stomach that won’t quit rumbling. I’ve gone back for repeat snacks and meals each time my tummy was giving me the signal.

But why did I keep feeling hungry? Why do you go back for more, when you’ve eaten more than your hands, plate (and pockets) can carry?

Here’s the thing – we can have different types of hunger, for different reasons. And these reasons are often not about genuine stomach or nutritional hunger.


Did you know that: nerves, eating a big meal late at night, starting the day off with refined carbs and being tired can all lead to hunger cues?

I’ve written a list of twenty reasons you might be eating when you *think* it might be hunger.

But I’ve also created this easy to use checklist for you too.

It’s a daily tool that you can use to check in with yourself if you’re unsure about why you’re hungry.


You can tick the boxes on the side – and the more you tick, the less you have a genuine need for food.

I’ve given lots of suggestions as to what you can do instead. But here’s the rub – going without food can feel pretty weird when you’re used to nibbling in response to any of these reasons.

TRY THIS >>> If you think you are eating because you feel a bit bored… WAIT 5 MINUTES. Try a suggestion off the checklist, and then go and eat what you wanted to anyways.

Never make the food off limits.

Just wait and see how it feels not to respond immediately with food.


I hope you enjoy this free daily checklist! It’s printable too, so you can pop it on the fridge. NOT TO SHAME YOU – but to feel more informed. Then you can make a choice to eat anyway. That’s the Eat Happy way.



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