Eat From The Fridge, Not The Pantry

I heard this from A. J. Jacobs, author of Drop Dead Healthy,  and I thought it was a really crisp and concise way to think in terms of what you eat. Now let me preface this by saying – I’m  all about HOW we eat.  Our relationship to food is paramount. However, often WHAT we eat can impact HOW we feel! And an easy way to feel better is to eat from the fridge and not the pantry!

What does this mean?

It means that the food in the fridge is usually perishable – meaning it is fresher and hopefully REAL as opposed to the food in the cupboards which are usually dry, processed and last a questionably long time.


I like snappy sentences. Little mnemonics that help us remember stuff. This isn’t just me, this is the fluency heuristic of words! The easier it is to remember something, the easier it is to DO it.

In psychology, a fluency heuristic is a mental heuristic in which, if one object is processed more fluently, faster, or more smoothly than another, the mind infers that this object has the higher value with respect to the question being considered.[1] In other words, the more skillfully or elegantly an idea is communicated, the more likely it is to be considered seriously, whether or not it is logical. – From Wikipedia

This is vital for me as my memory is damn poor. I also like to question everything. If I don’t have a good reason for doing something – I won’t do it. But I often forget why I decided to do something in the first place.

So the ease of answering that ever present query of “what should I eat” you can just say

“Eat from the fridge, NOT from the pantry!”

This means:

  • Carrots, not bread.
  • Salads, not biscuits.
  • Apples, not chocolate.

One is alive, the other is dead. One will be fresh and crisp and keep your mind clear. The other is dry, stale, claggy and will make you feel fogged up and wired.

So there we go. Thanks A. J. for this easy to remember phrase!