Weekly Share

So this is my first proper blog post on Eat Happy! This is where I can talk in my voice and share what I get upto.

And what have I been doing this week? Working on this website! I am learning everything from scratch, pretty much.  I have used free WordPress websites before, but this one is A PROPER WEBSITE. Which is quite challenging at times.

I am soaking up inspiration from creatives out there. Vloggers, makers, podcasters.

The net is a wonderful place and I’m excited to share my voice here.

I’m full of plans. FULL of them!

In an online cart right now I have photography lights.

On my YouTube channel, I have subscribed to vloggers sharing their camera reviews.

You can see where I’m going here.

Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.


Not really balanced this week. I’ve got a week off of work and I haven’t really exercised. And it’s made me antsy. I have been going to the gym and working quite hard, up uptil last week that is. So I’ve gone from 60 to zero! SLUGGISH! But I also had a sore leg, and I really did need the break. On the plus side of this gym break, I’ve been doing much more gentle yoga! I’m really happy about that. I’m not super mindful at the mo. But this yoga has really helped. I got a foam roller thing from Aldi, and I’m in love with it. I use it to help me roll forwards more, as well as how it’s ‘supposed’ to be used; as a fascia rubber(?) I’ve also been following Ekhart Yoga, which I really do like a lot. It’s not ‘in your face’ yoga. It’s real yoga.  Mindful and kind. With lots of ability levels. (I’ve been going for the gentle morning classes).

Food: I ate a delicious meal this week at Wright’s Food Emporium. I had a halloumi sourdough sandwich. And it had pesto and pickled red peppers. Who’d have thought that they went well together? But they did – which is why I’m mentioning it here. It had pea shoots in there too, in a big squidgy sandwich. I’m not a huge pesto fan, but the tartness of the peppers was perfect to cut through the oil slicky feeling from the pesto. Something I’m going to try for sure.



I’m currently multi-tasking, and am listening to the wonderful Scummy Mummies Podcast whilst typing here. Erm, mindful much? Anyway – it’s a great podcast. I’m not a mummy. Well, my lovely partner has two little ones, which would make me a stepmother. Besides the point really – as what I want to say is that you don’t need to be a mummy or parent to listen to the podcast! But an interest in parenting and kids would probably help. (Although they are now talking about men’s pants).


I used to sell artwork on Etsy, and from there I found Oh No Rachio. A maker from the UK who has beautiful styling, photography and branding. Her dedication to her brand through her Instagram feed is mighty impressive. Plus she has two cute kitties, and makes adorable little pins. I’ve been inspired by her this week!



The garden is growing well. I chopped down some of our Raspberry jungle yesterday in order to actually get inbetween them and harvest them, and for them to  get more sun. We harvest loads of these amazing berries and freeze them for the winter.

The cucumbers have started coming through thick and fast. Oh yes! Love them. Also the courgettes are growing well too. Time for courgetti. I’ll post videos down the line on courgette recipes!


I have a little black fur baby called Phoebe. And I think she deserves her own little section in my Weekly Shares. This week Phoebe gave my bf a telling off. He bought generic cat food, to which she followed him into the bedroom and meowed at him scornfully and pointedly, before walking out again. So there.

I think that wraps up my week. I hope you’ve had a good one.

Eat Happy xo