What Eat Happy is Not

Eat Happy is the antidote to the social media driven obession with ‘right eating’. I will NOT tell you what to eat on this website. Why? I’m not a nutritionist. Who I am is someone who has gone through a real battle with my self image, my eating, my self-esteem. And I worked really hard to understand why all that was the case for me. I found my own path that meant I could finally enjoy my food! And that is my main goal with Eat Happy; to share what I discovered with you – so that you can:

  • eat and not feel guilt
  • accept pleasure from food
  • accept and appreciate your body
  • accept who you are
  • learn to trust yourself
  • discover a way forwards for yourself

My principal aim is for you to just relax, and chill out about your food!

I’m also a trained and qualified Smoking Cessation Advisor – whilst not to do with eating per se – is to do with addiction, and mindsets. My work in this field really empowers my work within eating.

You can absolutley experiment with any style of eating you want – what Eat Happy is about is cultivating awareness over what you do, acceptance of that and a continually growing self trust.

What’s with all this ‘trust’ talk? Well, I believe that trusting yourself is an important key to move forwards towards Eating Happy. Doubt can cause you to lack conviction in what you think, and how your body feels, making it much easier to fall prey to dubious nutrition and lifestye claims out there.

The only nutritional stance I take (based on MY OWN history) is this:

  • some foods will affect you a certain way – but only you can discover that and heed what your own body tells you
  • I believe that foods from nature will support your body’s constant striving for balance; whereas laboratory and factory made foods can distrupt your body’s natural workings.

That’s it.

I don’t believe that those are outrageous. The net is a strange place where people proclaim that eating only potatoes, or bananas, or no sugar, or red meat will be the right path for us all! But what makes me different?

Why would I run cooking workshops if I didn’t have an interest in a certain type of diet?

This is a great question that I want to clarify the answer to. In my cooking workshops I really underline the Eat Happy philosophy of ‘no right way’. What I choose to cook for demo’s and classes is food that is delicious and natural, and home made. But are quite new and modern. To see these vibrant meals being prepared right in front of you is going to bring confidence and understanding of another way to cook and prepare food. Just another way. Not the only way, and maybe not the ‘right way’ for you. I love eating this stuff – you may not! But if you are someone who has never cooked with a courgette, a cauliflower or eaten pumpkin seeds and just want some ideas on fresh meals to make, then that is my goal with my workshops.

At the end of the day, I don’t really focus too much on what people eat.  I think mindsets about eating is where it’s all at. How you think about food is vitally important. If you want to feel good and comfortable within yourself that is. Those two viewpoints that I share about nutrition isn’t going to be true for everyone, and it may not need to be.  I don’t believe that you can make changes that feel good, if they come always from the outside in. I want to share what worked for me, so that you can see if it brings comfort to you. Once you start to find a sense of home right within you, then any changes you make are because you yourself have chosen them! That is what I think is so powerful about getting mindsets balanced.

Eat Happy is about (sorry, I have to say it) a journey! What you eat might change, how you think about yourself will definitley change and what was right for you one day will have changed down the line.

You’ll probably see me change my opinion on somethings here too. Why not?! We are all allowed to do that. I want to be transparent and honest with you, as it’s more important to me that a community is formed together, where ideas for positive change are shared; rather than hard and fast rules that are way too rigid, and definitley not suitable for us all.


I hope this post has cleared up what Eat Happy is, and what it isn’t.

If you have any questions – please leave them in the form below!


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