What is Eating Happy?

Eating happily looks different to everyone. But here’s how I see it:

  • Eat without guilt
  • Food is fun.
  • Food is pleasurable.
  • Food is real and practical.
  • Eating around people is lovely and not stomach churning.
  • Thinking about food happens – but is not obsessive; instead, it’s pleasant.
  • Food is chosen.
  • Acceptance and awareness are at the forefront of food choices.
  • Self trust and kindness drive all food (and life) related thoughts and decisions.
  • All food is open to be eaten.
  • Eating feels normal and happy!

I set up Eat Happy so that I can help you to eat in the way described above. I certainly did not eat in this way as I went through my teen years and early adulthood. But through my experience with disordered eating and self-issues, I learned a lot! I learned about the importance of self-trust, understanding, awareness and acceptance. These elements are the keys that unlock everything to do with your eating. Because even though lots of people think eating is about food – most of us know that that is not the case at all!

Eating can be about; punishment, guilt, boredom, feelings, emotions, confusion, oh yes – and hunger. And hunger can be about a whole lot more than just an empty tummy.

Why you eat and how you eat can be two of the toughest areas in your life right now. Because food is often our answer to a question we don’t know we’re asking – we’re also left with physical manifestations of trying to answer something deep within. I’m talking about the physical side of making food choices, such as; weight gain, weight loss, limp hair, dry skin, spots, cellulite, lethargy, depression, mood swings and more. And these are the visible phenomena that people hone in on. And food becomes huge because we think it can open a door for us that will make us slim, energetic and attractive. Food becomes the focus. Desperately trying to change what we eat, but not why or how we eat. This is why I am not a nutritionist. I absolutely believe in the power of foods, and you can find a lot more posts on actual food on this website, but food in itself is not the only answer to eating. As I said above – eating isn’t always about food – so why concentrate solely on food?

Eating happily is about finding inner balance and peace.

If you haven’t got that natural state of ease inside of you, it will show itself – and for you reading this, it’s probably going to show itself through your eating. The food itself is just an aside.

I didn’t call my business Food Happy for a reason! So let’s get you eating happily by learning how you can use trust, awareness and acceptance for a happy balance.

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