The Eat Happy Course!

Join in on the course that teaches you how to be friends with food, feel confident about yourself, and live the life you really want to!


Hey - I'm Rebecca!

I help women like you feel good about themselves through finding peace with food. I used to have low confidence, and eat in a very disruptive way. My life was pretty small as I was obsessed with being a better more perfect person. Now I am happy with who I am, I love my food, I've stayed the same weight for many years and feel balanced with food with life and with myself. I did this through taking the time to learn about my eating and to look at it in a different way. I realized there was no such thing as a perfect diet and the only thing that really mattered was how I felt about myself. You'll often find me practicing yoga outdoors in the sunshine, cuddling with my cats whilst curled up with a good (self-help) book, or bird watching whilst strolling outdoors in nature. I run coaching, classes and workshops all around the UK and further, as my mission is to help women feel so so good about themselves, enjoy their food and above all, love the lives they are living. You don't have to be stuck in self sabotage anymore, and you can get to that place you want to with your eating. I've created the Eat Happy Method to show you easy and practical step by step ways to find that balanced place with food you want so much. Do you want to know more about how I got to my own place of balance with food?

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What My Eat Happy Clients Say

  • I don't call myself mean names all the time, and I get to eat what I want. I feel way more in control of my food now, and life feels a lot calmer!

    Felicity feeling good about herself
  • I think differently about how I approach food now. Before it was something to be controlled. Eat Happy coaching has shown me that I can manage my eating in a kinder way, and I feel like my body is relaxing. I haven't even gained weight, although I've stopped dieting!

    Jen A food is now a friend

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