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About me

Hey! My name is Rebecca and I run Eat Happy from my bright little office in West Wales, with my two cats by my side (Luna and Phoebe).

I used to binge eat regularly from my teens into my mid twenties. I yo-yo dieted and gained and lost weight along with my erratic eating patterns.

I lost a lot of time to counting meaningless calories.

It took years of research, reading and therapy for me to heal my relationship with food, and myself. I then began to feel confident in who I was and I traveled solo and began lots of new exciting ventures in my life.

I created Eat Happy to help women quit dieting and find peace with food, so that they can live a happier more intentional life.

It’s my mission to help women feel excited about life again, and feel confident in themselves so they can live a good life where food is a friend.

I love practicing yoga and mindfulness to help keep me grounded and I’m a real nature lover.  Nothing makes me feel better that laying down in the grass on a sunny day and just being.

I’m really glad you’re here! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Most Popular Questions

If you need to get in touch, e-mail is the best way. However, I do spend (a lot of) time on Instagram, so it’s a great place to connect with me!

Otherwise, do come over and join us in the Facebook Group, where we chat each day about feeling good!

For 1:1 coaching – yes! The calls can be via phone, skype or even through e-mail if that’s what’s comfortable for you.

Book your initial 90 minute session here.

For workshops, I mainly run them in West Wales and some other parts of the UK.

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Coaching is designed to get you feeling more positive and gives you practical steps to take to take charge of your own change.

The first initial consultation session is 90 minutes and costs £90.

The aim of this session is for me to give you some amazing steps to take straight away. Please make sure you understand I don’t give meal plans or work with people with active eating disorders. If you want to stop overthinking food and start feeling good about eating, then this will be perfect for you.

Nope! All Eat Happy work is about mindset, and not about nutrition. I work with people to feel better about food, and improve their relationship with all foods.

However, I do chat informally about foods if you have any concerns.

But please do see a nutritionist if you have needs that can be met through food!


No you don’t, you lucky pip!

You won’t need to count any food numbers when you work with the Eat Happy Method.


Relaxed, informative and fun!

I aim to create a super safe space for everyone that attends.

I choose cool and quirky independent venues when I can, which usually means a chilled out space with delicious coffee, matcha teas and homemade foods! Yum.

And of course – I offer workshops and classes over video, so you can stay in your pajamas and curl up with your notebook.

I’m Rebecca! I healed my disordered eating relationship with food, and I now teach the Eat Happy Method, which is a practical approach to intuitive and mindful eating.

I have worked in habit and behaviour change for many years in the NHS as well as running lots of Eat Happy Courses and have coached many people to feel great about food.

Eat Happy is not a substitute for therapy! If you currently restrict or purge, you should seek counselling.

However, I’m quite upfront about who I work with, and I’m happy to chat to you on a free call and advise on where you should go next.

Check out B-Eat – the UK wide organization for individuals with eating disorders.

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