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The Eat Happy Courses and Workshops are here! From West Wales to London, I'll be running these courses all through 2019 to get you feeling good about food!


Hey - I'm Rebecca!

I love practicing yoga outdoors in the sunshine, cuddling with my cats whilst curled up with a good (self-help) book, or bird watching whilst strolling outdoors in nature.

I used to be where you are; unhappy with my eating, and feeling like I was living a small life. I knew I was capable of more! I created Eat Happy to show you how you can make friends with food, by making friends with yourself, so you can go out and live your life, doing all the cool stuff you dream of doing!

Can you imagine feeling good in your body, and not worrying about food or feeling guilty about what you've eaten? What would it be like to leave half a chocolate bar in the cupboard, as you fling your jacket over your shoulders and rush out of the door towards something you really don't want to miss out on!

The Eat Happy Method that I created from my own experience with eating difficulty, is what I now teach in courses and classes across the UK as well as writing about how to live your awesome life!

It took some work to get out from under that heavy feeling around food, but it was so worth it. I am now friends with food, and myself. I'm healthier, and happier and in a strong body that I love, all because I learned how to Eat Happy.

Do you want to know more about how I got here?

Read my story!

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What My Eat Happy Clients Say

  • I don't call myself mean names all the time, and I get to eat what I want. I feel way more in control of my food now, and life feels a lot calmer!

    Felicity Rains feeling good about herself
  • I think differently about how I approach food now. Before it was something to be controlled. Eat Happy coaching has shown me that I can manage my eating in a kinder way, and I feel like my body is relaxing. I haven't even gained weight, although I've stopped dieting!

    Jen Armstrong food is now a friend

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